Everspace - Rogue-lite space combat meets Unreal 4

As long as it works the same in VR, definitely in.

This. So much.

I wonder why we call them sims. I think Kerbal was a Sim right? These are much more space opera :) I hope we see more space opera.

“Space opera sim” is also a sim.

Very nice, be interesting to see what they have planned next.

I guess because they’re basically the “flight sim” genre, but IN SPAAAaace.

First screenshots of the new game… Looking good :)

Looking real good!

Vertical format… so, smartphone only! Play in portrait mode using one thumb only. And tilt controls.

I’m joking of course.

I hope.

You may be right.

Many of the developers there originally worked on the Galaxy on Fire series, which was a mobile space game (although one of them eventually got a mediocre PC port)

I really hope that’s not what they’re doing. I loved Everspace, but I’m not playing a space sim on a mobile device that’s not a Switch.

They say below that tweet that it’s too demanding for a Switch version.

Also that they’re giving fuller info at Gamescom, which I think means tomorrow.

Can’t watch at work… Any news on VR? They said October release right? Awesome :)

Steam, XB1 and PS4 listed at the end, so not exclusively a mobile game! Yay! The way the ship moved reminded me more of Descent than Freespace. Which I’m okay with. That looked really good, watching the trailer with no sound.

Edit: Name is Everspace 2, coming in 2021. So probably after the release of Xbox 2 and PS5.

@Alistair no mention of VR in the trailer.

There’s a few screenshots on their web page. Looks like from a core gameplay loop they’re going Diablo in Space.

It looks good although it seems like a risk to do a numbered sequel of a game but make most of it completely different.


I wonder why they’re announcing so early. 2021 seems really far away to announce an indie project like this.

Curious what makes you think it’s completely different? I thought Diablo in space was a decent description for Everspace 1. The new trailer and screenshots make the gameplay look pretty similar, just bigger and pretty (which I’m into).

Rogue-lite Diablo in space. Heavy permadeath, no saves (AFAIK).