Everspace - Rogue-lite space combat meets Unreal 4

“Space opera sim” is also a sim.

Very nice, be interesting to see what they have planned next.

I guess because they’re basically the “flight sim” genre, but IN SPAAAaace.

First screenshots of the new game… Looking good :)

Looking real good!

Vertical format… so, smartphone only! Play in portrait mode using one thumb only. And tilt controls.

I’m joking of course.

I hope.

You may be right.

Many of the developers there originally worked on the Galaxy on Fire series, which was a mobile space game (although one of them eventually got a mediocre PC port)

I really hope that’s not what they’re doing. I loved Everspace, but I’m not playing a space sim on a mobile device that’s not a Switch.

They say below that tweet that it’s too demanding for a Switch version.

Also that they’re giving fuller info at Gamescom, which I think means tomorrow.

Can’t watch at work… Any news on VR? They said October release right? Awesome :)

Steam, XB1 and PS4 listed at the end, so not exclusively a mobile game! Yay! The way the ship moved reminded me more of Descent than Freespace. Which I’m okay with. That looked really good, watching the trailer with no sound.

Edit: Name is Everspace 2, coming in 2021. So probably after the release of Xbox 2 and PS5.

@Alistair no mention of VR in the trailer.

There’s a few screenshots on their web page. Looks like from a core gameplay loop they’re going Diablo in Space.

It looks good although it seems like a risk to do a numbered sequel of a game but make most of it completely different.


I wonder why they’re announcing so early. 2021 seems really far away to announce an indie project like this.

Curious what makes you think it’s completely different? I thought Diablo in space was a decent description for Everspace 1. The new trailer and screenshots make the gameplay look pretty similar, just bigger and pretty (which I’m into).

Rogue-lite Diablo in space. Heavy permadeath, no saves (AFAIK).

The way an item is presented in their screenshot, with Diablo-style rarity, affixes and so forth, is very different to me from the very standardized items and item mod choices of the first game. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. Then the open-world non-random thing versus rogue-lite.

No reason it can’t work and I probably shouldn’t care about their marketing choices, but I’d be sad if they don’t get the results the game may deserve because people were expecting “rogue-lite space fighter v2” instead of what they’re actually making.

Looked the same as the first game to me, apart from the end where it looked like a planetary surface.

Diablo in space? You mean like a spiritual successor to Freelancer? Sure, sign me up. I liked Everspace pretty well on Xbox.