Everspace - Rogue-lite space combat meets Unreal 4


You SON OF a…



Has @BrianRubin even played Descent? :p

I am totally getting a Descent vibe over a Freelancer vibe.


All three of them, mostly the second.


Yeah VR mode is cockpit only, controller only.

There are some complaints in the VR Requirements thread on Steam, so I’d maybe wait for a couple patches.


Fair criticism?


I mean, if you are playing this game for the story you’ve already failed, is the thing. That’s like getting upset at TOME because you are having a tough time seeing the ending? It’s about the gameplay - unlocking stuff to make your next runs a little easier is really just icing. The story sequences are nice and all, but they aren’t the main attraction. Not even the secondary attraction.


Story shmory, it’s about the moment to moment gameplay.


I just started it as well, bought it primarily for the eye candy. So far incredibly enjoyable, I like the M+K flying model they use. The furthest I have been so far is sector three. I Just died and have enough money to get a new ship. Wondering if I should go with the quick scout or the Gunship. The heavy boat does look like fun.

The story elements are a nice plus and definitely make is easier for me to keep going. I enjoy that every death makes me a bit better and that it is part of the narrative as well. I usually hate rogue-likes because all your progress is just wiped and you have to start over at zero. Here that is not a problem because I can keep at least my skills. I feel like they have a great mixture of rogue-like / story / talents going that I have not seen done in such a way before. Are there other games that mix it like this?

Looking forward to explore more.


I played the game from when it was in Early Access and it controls just fine with a gamepad. In fact, I never even considered playing with mouse and keyboard and was quite surprised when they added on the store page that it was optimized for mouse/keyboard.

Everspace was talked about in the general space game thread, by the way (which is how I found out about it).


Don’t see it mentioned but this is by the Galaxy on Fire people on mobile.


Galaxy on Fire 1 and 2, to be clear. They’re not responsible for the mess that is 3.


Didn’t even know that there was a 3rd. What’s wrong with it?


From what I understand, the open space adventuring of the previous games have been replaced with a linear series of dogfights inundated with micro transactions out the wazoo.


I’ve read the review at Gamestar.de a few minutes before I found this thread. They like the game, but say VR mode isn’t finished yet. They recommend to wait if you want to play in VR.


When I play this in VR, it crashes routinely. But otherwise, this would be one of those games that makes you glad you paid whatever ridiculous amount of money you paid for your VR rig.



Yeah I really want to try this in my Rift but all the reports I’m hearing is that it’s not quite VR-ready yet.


I bought it and have been playing on the Vive. It looks great and runs well enough on a high end rig, but the VR version is SUPER buggy as noted. Still fun so long as you don’t mind the app crashing every 10 minutes.

Bring on Star Trek Bridge Crew soon!



Scott Manley posted his full impressions. He likes it but got sick of grinding for cash basically. Interestingly, he is in cockpit mode most of the time, but near the end of the video implies 3rd person might be better because you can see your placement easier, as well as for seeing contacts without the clutter of the cockpit.


I didn’t like playing in third person, it was harder to get a feel for the action somehow. I can see why someone might like that style, and maybe if I played in it more I could change my tune, but every time I give it a try I always do poorly and get back into cockpit mode.

As for grinding for cash, I mean, it’s a rogue-lite so the game by very definition is made to be played over and over again. I quite enjoy that each time I play (which, to be clear, I’m doing for the moment to moment action and exploration) I get to have a little extra fun at the hanger buying a new ship or getting upgrades that are meaningful, and then diving right back in. The “flow” of the game is excellent, imo. At some point, probably well before I buy all the upgrades or even before I complete the game, I may well get tired of the action and that’s when I’ll move it to my backlog to pick up later. For now though, it’s just fun to fly around and pew pew.

I just got my first couple of glyphs, and have hit sector 5 a few times now. Shit’s getting real. Some of the larger adversary ships are just incredibly nasty!


Scott, how much variety is there from run to run? When I was watching footage a few months back, most sectors were pretty much the same. It looked fun, but seemed like it would be nice if the game through a few more things at you.