Everspace - Rogue-lite space combat meets Unreal 4

All I need is a key, man. Though I won’t say no to a donut. Boston creme preferably.

My Man! Boston Cream are my favorite also!

Honey Crullers are the only correct answer.

…man, I don’t even KNOW you…


Other than their toroidal shape, I find nothing appealing about donuts.

Pink or Orange-frosted normal ones, and maple bars. Everything else is just an also-ran.

Cronuts is where its at.

Pączki Or GTFO.

So like a normal filled doughnut but with richer dough?

It sounds delightful.

Okay, speaking of donuts .

Oh yeah! We have a pretty big polish population in the town where I work and once a year we get these from a local bakery on Fat Tuesday and they are awesome.

I still keep meaning to look at this game closer, but I sort of suck at these games even though it looks really cool.

Thanks to whoever resurrected this thread, I dived back into the game yesterday. I got reacquainted with the controls, which took a little while. Left stick is movement in the vertical axis. Strafe up, down, left, right. Right stick is like mouselook. Left trigger is to go forwards, Left Bumper to go backwards.

I just need a bit more practice to get used to it. It’s a decent control scheme.

Oh dude, use the mouse and keyboard, it’s how the game is meant to be played.

No way. I still hate Freelancer to this day for making me play with mouse and keyboard. It’s just not a space sim if I’m playing with mouse and keyboard.

The nice thing about Everspace is that it caters to both audiences.

It caters to space sim fans like me, by having an in-cockpit view, and supporting joystick/controller.

And it caters to space game fans like you, by having a third person view and supporting mouse and keyboard.

Can’t we acknowledge that each type of gamer is catered to here?

It’s a good VR title right? I wonder how the VR M&K combo is :)

The correct donut answer is double chocolate.

Never had that. Is that chocolate donut with chocolate frosting, or is it chocolate donut with chocolate filling?