Every night's a marvelous night for a Moon Knight

Title Every night's a marvelous night for a Moon Knight
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When December 16, 2011

My favorite table in Zen Studio's new Virtue and Vengeance Marvel comics add-on for Pinball FX 2 is Moon Knight. In fact, it's one of my favorite tables in the entire catalogue, along with Paranormal, Secrets of the Deep, and Earth Defense..

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My reference cup runneth over: If you're digging on Moon Knight check out the graphic novels by our favorite noir/minimalist author Charlie Huston. I don't know that his particular "god everything sucks and now I have to deal with it" style really shines through but they're dark as hell and worth a look.

I'll get you on this one, Chick!

Thîs is definitely one of their best playing- and best looking- tables. I'm not a Moon Knight expert and I agree that the WTF element is appealing. Bushman, Frenchie, Midnight...sure, why not?

Still wish they'd do a 1970s style Dr. Strange table.

Come on, man. Clearly a table featuring a pretty obscure Marvel character is aimed directly at comic book fans.

Moon Knight is kind of like the Far Cry 2 of Batman clones. He does one or two things well, he has a cool costume and his origin story isn't just another family member killed by street thugs, but is brought low by the rest of him being poorly thought out garbage.

I think I like Thor better, but it's a good table nonetheless.

Wait, you're saying comic book fans actually know who Moon Knight is? I'm skeptical. :)

Hey, look who finally got his wish about a Dr. Strange table!