Everybody moves on...


Saw the HardOCP guy is moving on, off to handle Community Engagement at Intel. Anand went to Apple. Scott Wasson from Tech Report went to AMD, as did the Beyond3d guy, and I think the next guy from TechReport. Tom from Tom’s Hardware disappeared. Billy from Voodooextreme, well I think he died.

When BluesNews packs it in I’m going to quit the internet.


At some point you gotta feed your family :/


PC hardware just isn’t very interesting these days. I ran a hardware site back in the late 90s, when 3D accelerators were just taking off. Every card was different, and every generation was a tremendous leap in performance over the one from last year. Gaming was transformed. That was exciting! These days, beyond the launch of a new GPU generation, who gives a shit?

Mobile is going the same way. Phones have stopped offering tremendous advancements every year. They’ve become boring.

There was some hope VR would revitalize PC hardware but we all know how that turned out-- they never made any great VR games, and they failed to refresh the hardware with anything cool. So now people use it for watching Netflix on airplanes and porn.


Yes they did. Try any VR enabled flight sim. Dogfighting dreideckers in a sopwith camel in VR is worth the price of admission.


C’mon, that’ll never happen.


Sadly that’s true, I only follow hardware when I’m upgrading.


VR / AR, streaming, RTX… it’s not nothing. But what really gets people engaged is the Epic Store :/


I think PC tech has matured to the point that it’s nearly like any other appliance. Barring some epochal once-in-a-generation shift, it’s just MOTS with different LEDs.


Jeez, I don’t think I’ve read Blue’s News since the 90s.


I still read Blue’s News every day. Old habits die hard.


Me, too. I guess it’s a habit, but I also like getting that quick overview of what’s going on in games/tech. It’s fun.


Kyle ceasing HardOCP is indeed something that’s just happened. But…

Anand left for Apple 4 1/2 years ago. Scott Wasson left Tech Report only a year after. Tom Pabst stopped editing Tom’s Hardware 18 years ago (!) and sold it 12 years ago. Billy Wilson passed away 14 years ago.

So yeah. Your fansite hosted on Geocities may be in some trouble too. :D


I still wonder what Anand is up to over there. I’m expecting an eventual X-Mac or even just the expandable Mac Pro to have his fingerprints on it. I hope so, anyway.

Kyle (imo) checked out a long time ago. Then again, I stopped reading way back when they went with “max playable resolution” as their (again imo) lazy solution to benchmarking, just about the same time LCDs became a thing and performance at a particular resolution was more important than ever.


It’s definitely sad to see, but seeing how technology stagnated in the last few years, it’s not surprising. Everybody’s got to put the food on the table.


All these Bluesnews talk made me go to the site for a look and boy, there’s no mobile version. I can’t read a thing on my phone. Closed, sorry!

Edit: Found the mobile link and it doesn’t work. Closed for real:


WAP? WAP???!!!

That is so 2000’s!


I’m not kidding you. It’s on the website:


So what about the other gaming news sites? I will check what I remember:

  • Avault gone. No idea what happened to them.
  • Gone Gold has been gone a long time.
  • Voodoo Extreme gone.
  • Gamespy gone.
  • Gamecenter gone.

Shacknews is still around it seems. Bluesnews is pretty much a one-man site, isn’t it?

What other old sites are still around? I know Gamespot, IGN, etc. I never visit any other sites besides this one unless I’m following a link posted here.


Yes Blues is one guy, plus a dog or two.

The oldest site I check out is Eurogamer, although even the wacky kids at RPS have reached a decade in age.


Game Informer is still doing its thing! I would invest in my escape plan if I were there though; with how fucked GameStop is they’re one bad quarterly away from being an expendable cost center.