Everybody Votes Channel

Is anyone else strangely addicted to the Wii’s Everybody Votes channel? Seeing how everyone votes is just… fun.

The global votes are actually pretty interesting. One recent question was something like: ‘Which do you want to know more: your future/the planet’s future?’. Countries like the US, UK and Germany all had a big majority in favour of ‘your future’, while places like Norway, Sweden and Finland were the opposite.

This and the Internet Channel are the two things I use most on the Wii right now.

Yeah, it’s pretty great.

This strikes me as kind of sad for the Wii.

I really like the everybody votes channel, especially the international questions with the data per country.

The new system update and opera browser final version update of today also rocked btw, it makes browsing on the Wii a lot more easy and readable, and gives some advanced features (and fullscreen/zooming capabillities)

I love it. I love the “stats” that show how far you are away from the mainstream you really are. It’s got a bit of that underlying “Brain Age” stats-whore appeal, much like the “Wii Sports” Fitness Test.

Here’s the thing. Nintendo does whatever the fuck it wants. Nintendo is an electronic entertainment company with the balls to call you up in the middle of the night and shout, “Requiem!” into the phone repeatedly. Why? Because it makes your next day at work more exciting, and getting you excited is job number one at Nintendo. If Nintendo was a celebrity, Nintendo would take its dick out at while getting an Academy Award. Damn the consequences, anything for the fans. That’s Nintendo. Nintendo once thought people wanted to wear a giant set of red goggles. They lost millions of dollars just being fearless in trying to please you.

If Nintendo figured out that smashing your own junk with the nunchuck was fun and safe, Nintendo would tell you about it. Nintendo isn’t worried about what you think, Nintendo only cares that you are entertained. If it amuses you to jump around your living room and swing a plastic sword, even though you are thirty-five years old, Nintendo will put some engineers to work and do it up for you. If it entertains you to see how people vote on things, Nintendo will entertain you with that.

So praise Nintendo for its glory. Nintendo is brave enough to show you a poop in a toilet that looks like a famous person. Nintendo isn’t embarassed to do whatever it takes to make you smile. And thank God, because these days Microsoft and Sony are too worried about their “image” with gamers to unzip their pants and unleash the fucking fury like they were a Swedish metal prodigy on an international flight. If picking your nose infront of a blank screen were the most fun you could have, I could guarantee that there’d be only one company brave enough to charge you $400 for a white piece of plastic to put over your tv screen and a booger plate. And that company would be Nintendo.

Speaking of, I REALLY overpaid for nose-picking fun on the Wii. Wario Ware is far too content starved to be $50.

Is it okay to say I am laughing my ass off around here. I mean literally, it’s now duct taped to my body.

haha… I’m really laughing out loud here. (it could be the red wine though)

Flowers - best response ever.