Everything Bad Is Good For You

Anyone else reading Johnson’s little flip-culture bomb?

Jon Stewart interview

I read it a few weeks ago. I found it surprisingly well-reasoned. The author’s more analytical and less argumentative than I would have expected from the pithy title.

I read it a while back. I’ve had an itch about the “game state” that I couldn’t scratch for a few years now. It’s nice to have someone put it into words.

Is this a good academic book, a good read, or just a bunch of fluff? I am genuinely interested after watching that interview.

It’s inductive theory as opposed to stat-grounded scholarship, but were I teaching a New Media course, it would comfortably sit on the reading list alongside, say, Castranova’s new book, or the Computer Games reader book from MIT Press.

You won’t say “Huh, I never thought of that before,” but you probably will say “Okay, I never thought about it exactly like that before.” Like Andrew said earlier, I think it’s one of those “I’ve been thinking about this subconsciously for a while, and now Steven Johnson’s just given what I’ve been thinking about some helpful terminology and delineation.”

I’ve been pretty down on contemporary western culture the past few years myself, but it’s hard to argue that something’s changed - however subtle - when you compare My Three Sons or Dragnet to Lost or Carnivale.