"Everything else"?


Fuck that! (And fuck Star Wars too.)
I want my separate Movies, Books, etc. sections back! This is too…sprawling. It’s like the Morrowind of message boards now.

Oh yeah, glad you’re back. I was so hard up for message board posting, I almost considered posting to our own forum at gamers.com (shudder).

And Tom: awesome new Shoot Club! Yay!


…and I want a Gamers.Com that isn’t overrun by console freaks! It’s too…sprawling! :=p

Let me tell you, some of the dopes on the PC game msg. boards are not exactly Mensa members.

wtf is going on, who the fuck refrences mensa, who are you people am I in like the inner sanctum of dorkness where mensa people are like gods. To the dork is a mensa member the cool clique?

Since we’re bitching, I miss the ability to be anonymous AND use a funny name a la Sinner3001.

Not that I’d ever do this, but I enjoyed reading all the replies from the same person with different names.

“Guest” seems so… vanilla. At least “Anonymous” had an aura of mystery and intrigue about it.

I’m with Jeff Green. We need movies and books sections. Maybe a hardware section too.

Yes I vote for separate sections like : Films, Books, Hardware, Nerds, etc.

I’m with the seperatist movement. If anything, it’s easier on the eyes when trying to look for a paticular interesting thread inbetween the “not-too-interested to read” threads.

Dean, you can still use fake names.

I’m not sure SiNNER or anyone else would want to use fake names on this board. Being hosted by POEHosting means Chet is probably sitting there looking up everyone’s IP and figuring out who you are so he can spawn huge threads making you out to be some kind of wife beater/child molestor/fat person hater. Then he’ll note that your IP matched that of the anonymous poster and BINGO! you’re had.

I’d be really surprised if that’s the real Sinner 3001 posting above me here.


I’m not sure lack of anonymity is necessarily a bad thing, Dave.

Chet is watching you all!

Films, Books, Hardware, Nerds, Music, Beverages (Cold and Hot – do we need separate categories for these?), Small Mammals, Large Mammals, Dance, Theater (also “Theatre”), Child Care, Porn, Stain Removal, Tropical Diseases, Quantum Physics, Gardening, Randolph Mantooth Appreciation, Travel, Advanced Sarcasm, Macrame, Chapstick Addiction and Recovery, Animal Husbandry, Elves, Funny Cat Pictures.

Oh, and a separate section for Canadians.

Yeah, but all topics eventually converge during the course of conversation, don’t they?

  • Alan

Oooh! And every poster should get their own personal section to do with as they please!

“Yeah, but all topics eventually converge during the course of conversation, don’t they?”

Just have one forum called sex and be done with it then.

I’m not sure lack of anonymity is necessarily a bad thing, Dave.

Oh, I’ve got no problem with it. It’s pretty clear who I am and I’ve always had my e-mail address right there for people to send bullying and threatening e-mail to.


I second that.

Would that be like a Canadians-only club, or is the intent to shove Canadians into a conveniently avoided corner of the forums and not allow them to post elsewhere? :wink:

I thought Canadians were grouped in with elves.

Or is that Koreans?

Everything Else! Get it right you dumb bitch! Sorry for the language boy’s, I’m the Administrator, I’m supposed to be a good influence on you!