Everything Everywhere All At Once - Multiverse of madness with Michelle Yeoh

Written and directed by Swiss Army Man’s Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Produced by the Russo brothers.

And yes. That’s Jonathan Ke Quan, best known as “Data” from The Goonies or “Short Round” from Temple of Doom.

That much Michelle Yeoh can’t be bad. Can it? I’m pretty sure it can’t.

I’m intrigued, and hoping this will be good. Please be good.

Sold. So sold.


Plus James Hong!

Well that looks awesome.

I’m in. Damn, he’s 92.

Michelle Yeoh and a kungfu-fighting Jamie Lee Curtis? Colour me intrigued!

Gotta love putting Jamie Lee Curtis in that role.

Also recently in “Finding Ohana”, a Disney movie which is largely a remake of The Goonies.

That looks totally whack! I am interested.

I will risk the Covid to see this

That trailer had more entertainment value than maybe half the movies I watched this year. This looks great.

So is Andrew Garfield in this or what?

Wrong movie. ;)

Yeah ok, you got me. This looks like it will be anything but boring, and Michelle Yeoh seals it.

Love Michelle Yeoh. What a better movie. Perfect. And also James Hong!

I’m not exactly sure what I just watched, but I would like to watch much more of it.

That makes me even more excited, because it sounds like the movie is exactly what I hoped it would be.

>the multiverse definitely exists, and it contains people whose fingers are definitely hot dogs