Everything Everywhere All At Once - Multiverse of madness with Michelle Yeoh

Wow, a true sweep, incredible. Couldn’t happen to a better movie. A lot of other good movies got overshadowed, but the most creative and most compelling and most relevant one won. Daniel Kwan tweeted when the film released (I’ll never be able to search for it now) that the movie was inspired by the feeling that there is just too much going on in the world for us to manage. He brought it up in the Best Picture speech on stage, too: Films take years, but culture is changing by the millisecond, and our lives are filled up with things clamoring for attention. You might wish you could waltz into a Bagel of Nothingness just to have peace. I don’t know that EEAAO has solutions, exactly, but it gives us an example–actually like half a dozen examples, including Raccocoonie–of others coping with that feeling. That’s no small thing. And done on a budget that’s miniscule compared to nearly every movie they were up against. I love this film.

I never realized it was a small budget movie. There was so much stuff in it I figured they spent a ton of money, but I guess they just used it really well.

It’s definitely the right movie, and it’s fantastic that Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh got the nod.

Couldn’t have happened to a better movie. All other movies rue the day they were released the same year as EEAAO!

I can’t get over the fact that it didn’t get the Oscar for soundtrack. Glad it got all the rest, but there was so much brilliance in the soundscape for this movie that I can only assume the academy doesn’t really understand music production all that well. :D

Anyway, congratulations to everyone. It seems the movie won (almost) everything all at once! :D

There were two things that really surprised me last night:

First was that I actually enjoyed an Oscars show and actually wished I had started watching it earlier than I did.

The second was the voice-over they did for Yeoh as she walked to the stage. I was flabbergasted that she has no formal martial arts training; I had assumed she was an accomplished martial artist before becoming an actor.

No, she was taught entirely by hanging out at the gyms where the stunt crews on her Hong Kong movies worked out. She is a trained dancer though, and she’s said that the choreography of fight scenes is very similar to dance.

You aren’t alone in feeling that way about the podcast.

I can’t believe that was the first time he ever attended the Oscars! Seventy years in the businesses, and he’d never been before last night.

The man deserves both a lifetime achievement award and also a James Hong award for being as awesome as James Hong. That second one may only ever be awarded the one time.

Stephanie Hsu Was wearing a googly-eye on her ring last night too. I presume all the cast and crew probably had one on them somewhere.

Finally watched this. Over the course of a couple of nights. Acting was strong across the board and while I’m a sap of a guy I found the story beats felt trite mostly due to them hitting them over and over again. It was just stretched out far too long especially one your idea of what the bad guy is all about is confirmed and you still have so much time left. As cool and funny as pretty much all the scenes were, they just became so repetitive I spent the last half hour just wanting them to get to the end.

Again, I thought the acting was amazing and totally carried an otherwise fun if bloated comedic actioner with strong heart. I like what it said but wish it understood that I got it the first few times and didn’t need to have to repeated a dozen more.

I watched it this morning. I thought the Colbert Show parody of this was weird and must have gotten it wrong for the parody having such a low budget. I was kind of right, and kind of wrong. The movie does feel very similar to the Colbert Show parody, only with a much higher budget and cool choreography and special effects.

I don’t remember the last time a big movie centered its core message around a mother daughter relationship. It was very cool, and funny and moving.

For some reason the two rocks sitting in a lifeless earth reminded me of an episode of the Netflix show Beef, where two people entwined because of a road rage incident eventually end up out in the wilderness together.