EVGA to NVidia: Drop Dead

Well, this seems pretty seismic: EVGA severs their relationship with NVidia, will no longer make NVidia GPUs.



Seems more like EVGA dropping dead to me.

Quite possibly.

GPUs were 80% of their revenue, but what was their profit margin? It’s sounding like it was razor-thin at best.

And Nvidia has a loooooooong history of pissing off partners, even huge ones like Microsoft and Apple.

Nvidia is well-known to be a bastard to work with, yep. I would think it’s nothing less than that, but they aren’t switching to AMD GPUs. I know EVGA sells a bunch of other stuff, but none of it is particularly noteworthy. I guess their PSUs are good.

Honestly, it sounds like for the last year they’ve been taking a loss on GPUs.

But if I were an EVGA employee or had capital in them, I’d be at least a bit concerned.

Yikes. Going to need to figure out who to switch to now.

Hopefully they manage to stay afloat unlike the late, great Canopus (still the greatest GPU company, IMHO).

From that GN video, it sounds like EVGA’s CEO just doesn’t want to deal with the BS anymore and is deliberately downsizing his company to reduce the stress in his life. Very unusual.

I guess my second choice would probably be Asus.

Fuck I love EVGA Nvidia cards. I hope they can reconcile.

It gives me every impression of being a fuck you I’d rather die on this hill than do business with you.

EVGA didn’t gouge customers by jacking up their pandemic/mining-era GPU prices as much as other AIB makers. Which is admirable, but may have also fed into their decision if their profit margin wasn’t as high as the competition.

Nvidia sold their founder’s edition card at lower prices than AIB makers could match. You do that, you’ve got to expect substantial blowback. Combine it with the GPU market crashing with cryptocurrency and EVGA losing hundreds of dollars on every 3080 and higher sold and well, you can see why the CEO would want to pivot, once it seemed Nvidia was unwilling to negotiate a more comfortable partnership.

It is surprising he didn’t go to AMD, though. They would have played ball. From the GN interview, it seems like the EVGA CEO thought AMD products were shit and Intel GPUs laughable.

This is the part I don’t get. Maybe just playing to close to the vest?

Damn, this sucks. EVGA + Nvidia has been my go-to for years now and they’ve never let me down. By far my favorite GPU provider, their customer service has always been excellent.

Where is the lie?

Very much this. I have no idea who to even look at going forward.

I had been fully planning on upgrading from a 2080 to a 4080 but after seeing some of the rumors over the 4080 being purposefully hobbled so as not to compete with the 4090 and now this… I definitely won’t be putting in any pre order without some strong reviews.

Bummer. I had to RMA an EVGA 580 GTX once and it was to this day the best return experience I have ever had.

I have an EVGA in my machine right now.

Also the idea of a company called EVGA of all things not making video cards is kind of wild.

The one time I had an issue with an EVGA product, I couldn’t determine if it was the PSU or the GPU that was ultimately at fault. I was able to call up EVGA during the Superbowl and talk to an American (as in, no difficult to understand accent from a disinterested rep halfway around the world) tech support rep who helped me out. After some troubleshooting he crosshipped me what I needed and I was back up and running on Tuesday.

I don’t know what surprised me more, the fact that I was able to get tech support from a GPU manufacturer on a Sunday or how knowledgeable/helpful the tech support rep was. Both blew me away.