Evil Avatar says no Half-Life 2 in 2003?!


What are the odds that NONE of Doom III, Half-Life 2, or Deus Ex 2 will ship in 2003?

Hm, maybe time for a poll!!!

You forgot to add “they all ship in 2003”! :D

I’m not counting any of them out just yet.

I didn’t forget anything :-) The poll is asking “how many of them will ship in 2003?” If you think “all of them”, then just enter 3 :-)


Oops! :oops:

I just heard that DX2 is expecting to deliver a first candidate in 4 weeks time. They may just make it out for this year. Barely.

Doom3 is for March 2004 right?

I’m disappointed about the HL2 news though.

So I’m voting 1 cause I’m an optimist.

And we all know how reliable Evil Avatar is.

Keep in mind, this is the same site whos inside sources claimed Homeworld 2 was cancelled. This is the same site that called me a liar for telling them otherwise.

Maybe Half-Life 2 will come in 2003 and maybe it won’t, but I can assure you that Evil Avatar does not know.

But Adam, he’s got “inside sources!” ;)

Just like the ones who, last year, said that Half-Life 2 was going to use an update of the original Half-Life engine, based on Quake1 tech. (snicker) :roll:

Wait a minute. Adam, you told them that it wasnt cancelled and they ignored you. But you WORK at Dell…urmm…I mean Sierra.

Evil Avatar is about the last place you’d want to go for game release information. Then again, the way things have there lately, it’s the last place you’d want to go, period. He’s got some real winners doing ctrl-c ctrl-v over there now. :roll:


What are the odds Phil has a clue?


It is always so cute when PR types act indignant for someone daring to impugn, sir, that they might not always be entirely honest with the fan base. Especially when they are so obviously in shill mode that they append their company name to their nick on every forum they go to with a Circle A ranch cattle prod.

As for EA’s prediction, developers feed him a lot of lies, so don’t believe it. This is the same guy who said Half-Life 2 was going to be utilizing the Quake 1 engine.

the quake 1 engine? yeh , that’d rock!

I feel like this was the funniest HL2 post subject to necro.

HL2 is getting the RTX remix treatment, all new textures, DLSS, FG, ray-tracing, oh my!

Holy shit, that looks amazing. Damn it. Black Mesa is probably still the better way to replay Half Life 2 though, so I’ll probably not play this.

Does Black Mesa do HL2? I have the HL Black Mesa, have had it forever, but I wasn’t aware they did HL2 as well?

Oh you’re right, Black Mesa is the way to re-experience HL1, and this is the way to revisit HL2. Nice.

Damn, you almost had me going over to Steam to see how I had missed their HL2 remake!

To be fair HL2 probably doesn’t need a Black Mesa style remake. I haven’t replayed it, but I remember it being a lot more user friendly and prettier than the original.

Right, this should be cosmetic-only. But it’s clearly a HUGE upgrade.

RTX can make all the… diff-er-ence… in the world