Evil CBS tv show

Creepiest show on tv. Actually no movie out has been as creepy recently. Effective supernatural xfilish occult demon show. Watch if you’re into some scares for Halloween. Very smart and respects the audience. IMO so far better than the Exorcist tv show. Only 4 episodes out though.

Haven’t seen episode 4 yet and we are still learning about the characters, so its hard to compare it to the Exorcist from last year which had 2 great seasons. Right now from what I have seen so far of EVIL, the Exorcist was better imho. :P

Uh…don’t get too attached to this show or too involved in the storyline…

Ratings down? I saw it was listed as stable last week or was it the week before.

I loved the first half of Exorcist season 1 until it got into the big conspiracy… Was cool just not as scary. Scare factor is what I rate the shows on. Both totally worth watching. Yea I wouldn’t be surprised of a one and done season…doesn’t seem to have any traction in the internetz.

It’s in trouble. It did better last week, but before that it showed two straight weeks of decline after the premiere. Next 2-3 weeks probably make/break it.

What helps: CBS owns a majority stake in the show
What hurts: CBS doesn’t own the whole thing outright

Yeah the overall evil conspiracy story of Exorcist wasn’t great. But the individual stories of S1 and S2 were great.

Whatshisname who played the priest in Exorcist was awesome… And Luke Cage is so far doing a pretty good job… He has gotten ALOT better since he was in the bad HALO show.

I am slightly bummed to discover this thread is about a CBS show literally called “Evil”. This could have been awesome.

Episode 4 was brutal. In a good way.

Yup episode 4 was freaky. The ending… I think we will know more in future episodes maybe. Also that VR is spooky. And that plain speak opening of different type of possessions … Kind of effed up.

Have watched all 4 episodes thus far and love the concept of this show, but the execution is a little off. It’s trying too hard to set the trio up as being in direct conflict with Satan/Evil/Whatever as personified by the guy from LOST and Person of Interest. I like the actor, but I think the show would be a lot better if it was more X-Files like in it’s execution. Give me a new story of possession or evil influence every week, with dueling scientific and religious explanations, and leave the overall plotline to something more nebulous like “it seems like these incidents are on the rise lately…”.

It’s got a wonderful creepy vibe to every episode thus far that I really like. I hope it finds it’s footing and sticks around.

Renewed for Season 2

Apparently not.

I had read that its ratings were pretty decent overall so I figured it would do ok and get an eventual renewal but a renewal this early does surprise me.

Well, the Kings have been pretty good for them with Good Place / Fight, so I can imagine CBS giving them some leeway with the show.

Interesting pickup. Have to wonder what extra dynamics were in place that led to the early renewal, because the ratings certainly weren’t there at all.

Yeah I didn’t expect that, so umm I guess I’ll keep watching!

EP4 : I hated that the VR stuff wasn’t explained at the end.
EP5 : Another episode where the little masked girl, got zero explanation.

I need better story resolution if I am gonna enjoy this show. :(

Everyone given up on this? :P

Episode 6 was so-so, didn’t expect that knife cut. Or the bed on fire, lol.

Episode 7 is I dunno, the best parts of the show are with Michael Emerson , so of course he has the least screen time every episode.

I’m still watching. I’m enjoying the mythology they are starting to build. You are right on Michael Emerson, he elevates everything he’s in.