Evil Genius 2. Eviler. Geniuser.

Seems like we’ve been using the original game thread for news on this, so let’s get a proper thread going here.

A satirical spy-fi lair builder where YOU are the criminal mastermind! Construct your base, train your minions, defend your operations from the Forces of Justice, and achieve global domination!

Release Date (March 30th) Trailer:

Just released 10min gameplay trailer:

Man I really enjoyed the premise of the first one. It always wound up feeling like there were parts that needed to be a bit fleshed out, but it’s such a fun idea. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel.

Evil Genius was good. There was a flash game on kongregate which took the premise and did it better (I think it was Mastermind:World Conqueror). The henchmen and minions mattered more, and I think there were different places for your base (but I could be misremembering)

I’m interested in EG2, but will probably wait until I read some reviews. I picked up EG1 again when it was free, but it was less great than I remembered, and I’m pretty sure I had conflated my memory with the web game.

I also had that experience. There’s a lot of “almost” with it, though. The base building is pretty solid – although I seem to recall it needing “more” – but the “bigger” game, the world-level stuff, is pretty shallow.

What I’ve seen of the sequel (which does NOT yet include that ten-minute video) intrigues me.

One of my gripes was that the traps were more dangerous to your own minions than to the enemy. I ended up just using nothing but high grade locked doors.

Yeah, I had the same feeling about traps. I used them anyway because, I mean, evil. I enjoyed the original a lot but it didn’t quite all click together. Very much looking forward to the sequel.


Think I’m down for this. I loved DK back in the day and I tried some of the newer types and enjoyed them, never played EG1. They should include a VR mode, this is a perfect type of game for hand control.

Oh! I haven’t watched this yet, but my only real concern here so far was it seemed like it was 4 campaign/story modes and then we’d be waiting for word on a Sandbox mode - I only thought that because it seems to be the normal path for a lot of games like this. I was okay with that, but this is really cool, I can’t wait to see how it works mechanically.

EDIT: Well, that was like 49 seconds long and half of it was an announcement that the game can be pre-ordered now. Not a lot of info there, really, but hey, Sandbox mode!

We’ve missed a couple videos.

Damn, this is looking tight. I am still going to hold off for reviews, but I’m very interested.

Same here, got a close eye on this one!

Yep, over the last 24 hours lots of streamers put preview gameplay videos up, for example:

Looks promising. My (by now quite vague) memories of the original were that it was a cool idea and cool style but lacked depth, but there’s certainly no shortage of features on display here.

Still on the fence, didn’t play the first one so I don’t have much background to go off of other than these time compressed 1 hour plays. Which is why I guess I’m still sitting on the fence, haha.

I have replayed the original recently, still fun. Can’t do it now because of resolution issues I didn’t want to deal with. Looking forward to this. If there is one flaw it was that somehow non-fatal traps were superior to deadly traps that killed people.

I am gonna buy it of course, but an evil genius creator or ability customizer feels like a big miss for a management game. I know it wasnt in the original, but its 2021 ffs. I dont want to play 4 lame pre written cartoon baddies, I want to be my own baddy :)

I know I should know this, but there’s also a sandbox too right? It’s not just the four scripted campaigns?

Edit: From steam FAQ: Campaign and Sandbox mode will be available from launch.