Evil Genius 2. Eviler. Geniuser.

Forces of Justice, maybe? It’s the global group trying to stop you, which has several factions, each of which has it’s own super-hero (or villain, to you.) That’s one thing to manage, I would assume your cancelled schemes are just schemes you might have failed for some reason (timer?). Doing nothing in the overmap isn’t a terrible thing, doing too much absolutely is. If you constantly open up areas then your heat goes out of control and you wind up with multiple teams of superheroes in your base. There’s a balance, looks like you’re on the friendlier but less-lucrative side of that curve.

Maybe? This is what page 1 of the stats looks like:

Too many months since I played so I can’t analyze that. I just recall that the overmap produced way more money than I needed until it produced way less.

They tweaked things a while after launch so that overmap schemes were slower but produced a continual return. Means you don’t have to spend so much time there. My guess is the cancelled schemes occurred when heat in a region exceeded the limit and they went into lockdown.

That makes sense. I did that on purpose a few times. Which brings up another question. If a scheme forces a place into Lockdown do you lose that scheme then? For some reason I thought it restarted after the 5 minute lockdown (but I never checked).

BTW, would any of you post what my research priorities should be? I want to keep beelining so I can carve through any kind of rock, but my research takes forever.

I’m going to restart the campaign again via the tutorial lol, and maybe I can be smarter this time. I had a power room downstairs I wanted to move upstairs, but I had 40 power plants and it was a pain to do. Same for my gold room.

Where feasible build multiple of the research devices. The chalkboard one is used a lot of cheap so definitely have a few of those. That will help things go faster. And as mentioned above, turn off the ones you’re not actively using.

Your research progress will be limited by the story, so you can’t beeline directly to the end of any path.

Since most of my play was before the major balancing patches I can’t say for sure what’s best. Control room stuff seems like a good initial priority. For traps focus initially on resolve draining traps and traps that move the enemy into other traps. Freeze ray, magnet, etc.

Awesome, thank you!

BTW, glad I’m enjoying this so much. It’s pushed me to try and spend more time in my office chair which has been very difficult to do since even before my hospital stay.

@Ginger_Yellow @Thrag

So I made a fun trap corridor with a single box of gold at the end. I have a normal door at the entrance and vault door at the end before the gold room. But the enemy won’t go down it. Sometimes they’ll start to go in… get poison darted, then turn right around and go to my main base. What do I have to do to make sure they go down my trap corridor?

Here it is:

And this is where the rest of my base is:

Not sure if you have access to them yet but you need traps that push them back into the trap corridor when they try to leave. Trap corridors have not been es effective as they have been in EG1 though. I miss my freezer corridors of doom.


what you want is for AI to go down the corridor right?

hide all the other doors, maybe with a wall. AI will go in the room, and see a locked door leading to a trapped corridor. It will go investigate

purple minions and those casino machines are actually useful. IIRC skill is what determines agent dodge chance. Once one guy has low skill he’ll trigger traps for the entire group of agents. One important thing is there’s a timeout between using the same type of machine.

Ok i loaded my game, haven’t played a while. This is a mid game at tier 3 tech.

Burglars tunnel right into your vault so i just put my vault smack in the middle of my base. Add a camera to spot them.

Early trap design works. They open door, get pulled right through by magnet through freeze rays.

This is should be example of the intersection they can’t avoid

As they go north /south they will be pulled by one of the magnets

I like non lethal traps because corpses mean you need workers to take care of them. Drained agents will walk out of the base by themselves. I think there’s a bee trap later that’s good for smarts too.

Here is a late game trap corridor. So, that last trap is a Disco ball.

You can set the trigger to JUST the trap (and not the rest of the corridor) by putting a door before the trap, setting the security zone, and then you remove the door.

this is really effective because the agents will dance while your guards come kill them. it’s also nice to not have to manually tag things

Zoomed out so you can see how long that access corridor is. btw it is useful to put separate comfort zones for the purple workers up by the casino to minimize travel time


I’m by no means a trap expert, but I don’t think decoy corridors are particularly effective (not least because later game agents won’t be coming in via the casino). You’re probably better off just making the real entrance a long trap corridor.

Unless you shunt the helicopter entrance through the casino!

Thanks everyone for the help :)

I’m a little confused how I’d hide a door with a wall?
When you say locked door. Is that just a normal door with level 3 assigned to it, or a different kind of door? In your trap corridor, why do you have so many doors, instead of just leaving them out?

Hide the door from line of sight with a wall. I haven’t experimented with that but I read about it.

Err I could be confusing doors, I think in this evil genius the level of the door doesn’t matter. You can experiment.

Doors are so you group up the enemies, so they can all get hit at once. It also makes them waste time.

Ahhh excellent. Yes, I was just getting one stray lol

Awesome, so those tips worked well! I love watching the enemies going through the traps. So much fun :)

I have to say, after being sick, and my body being messed up, this game was so perfect for me. Not frantic or hard, but fun and good entertainment.

Huge 2 Gig patch for the game. Lots of QoL improvements.

After Bridge Constructor, Evil Genius is next in line to get the Portal treatment.