Evil Genius - Now FREE


I’m having a blast with it.



Can’t wait for Evil Genius 2!

I would like to respond to you, but I have some other serious issues to attend to. ie. WORLD DOMINATION!

I remember having a ton of fun with this game. I didn’t know 2 was coming out, either. That’s good news.


It does look very Evil Genius-y. Which is awesome, but they didn’t really show anything that suggests they’ve addressed the flaws of the original.

I think most of the potential audience haven’t even played the original, for most people will be just a new game. Evil Genius kind of bombed.

So addressing the flaws of the original won’t be exactly the highest priority they have. Their priority is to show the general idea of the game.

For something that is free now, I’m having a blast! But I definitely think I broke it in my several paythrough attempts. The one that pisses me off the most is when I have a “Super Agent” in custody and my minion gets stuck with them in the detention chamber! At least I’ve learned I can demolish that chamber (even though we are in it) and my “minion” will move that Agent over to the other chamber while I have to pay to rebuild the first chamber.

Not sure what would happen if I didn’t have two detention chambers on hand to start with!

Also, I went WAAAAY too fast on my first try and ended up with a full base (with rocket!) but no Infirmary Chair. Might just be the luck of the draw or the random time variables. But either way, I’m taking it WAAAY slower on my third attempt.

They are having a stream with more info here

https:/ /www.twitch.tv/rebellion_official
If I heard right, there are 4 narrative campaigns for each of the four ‘overlords’. They said your base will be definitive, I think that means you won’t have 2 big missions/isalnds like before (but it compensates because instead there will be 4, one for each evil genius).
There is a choice of overlord, island and coverup operation (the image showed an example of a casino), that combination of three things will make things different.

Minions will have different personalities. Agents can be captured and turned into minions. There are minions like valets for the coverup part of your base.

Crap, only caught the very end. Any chance it will be saved?

https:// Twitch

Hmm, still not clear if, eg, sending minions on missions is meaningfully more involved/integrated than in the original.

Just finished my 3rd successful run through. The first 4 or 5 were definitively frustrating learning curve based failures. But even with the Internet’s wonderful ability to look up how I am *ucking up, it still was a SLOW game. Actually very fun for free though!

@Turintur was correct: sooooo many issues.

I’m now interested in Evil Genius 2. Anyone have a timeline on when it should release?



Ha ha!


They barely have shown the real game, I don’t know how they intended to release it in 2020…