Evil West - Cowboy Vampire Slayer

Ecology might be overstating it… but for each of the various enemy types, they provide a reasonable in-world explanation of why they might exist and how they interact with other vampire/creature types. For instance, given that vampires use blood to create other vampires, they have bred giant leeches to act as convenient ways of moving large amounts of blood around (presumably as refrigeration does not exist yet). Sometimes the leeches mutate… and BAM! you get a monstrous leech-creature that also coincidently can withstand sunlight (as they are not true vampires). Other examples include the burrowers, the hive healers acting as shields/healers and so forth. So, not really much more complex than the Diablo fallen/fallen shaman interaction, but they do have a unique take on vampirism that I find refreshing. There is also a tradition vs science thing going on underneath. And… maybe vampire dinosaurs?

The Strange Brigade comparison is two-fold - one is the 1930s horror take (although Strange Brigade plays a bit more tongue-in-cheek, while Evil West plays things more straight)… but also the rhythm of light-puzzles followed by monster arena. I find the controls in both to be much simpler than Bayonetta – no long combos, but rather more time-based (waiting for cooldowns to finish, getting the rhythm of punches for more damage - not strings of A+B+A, or A+A+A+B+B+B).

Second guess away!

Thanks - this hit Gamepass on the xBox recently, and I’m thinking about giving it a shot.