EVO Tournaments

Anyone go to EVO Live before? How is the the experience compared to events like Blizzcon?

Games I enjoy watching in past/current EVOs are MVC2, MVC3, SV4/5 and Tekken.

It’s so weird that this many people are here for Street Fighter.

The reactions to DLC announcements are real loud.

I entered EVO this year. DIdn’t go to finals because no games I was interested in, and didn’t end up on Stream.

I did make it through pools though in SoulCal and SamSho. Soul Calibur tournament was impressive- there was a defiant mood because many folks thought the game was going to be abandoned. Namco’s really good at avoiding leaks.

EVO is a bit too big though, I prefer CEO.

Thanks for the images!

Why is it weird to have that many for Street Fighter? It’s THE game of Evo since the beginning?

I found it weird since arcades are long extinct.

EVO CEO and longtime chief organizer Joey Cuellar, AKA MrWiz, has been fired by the company, and the upcoming EVO Online (replacing EVO 2020 due to Coronavirus) canceled after a number of sponsors pulled their games from it, in the wake of numerous allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by Cuellar against a number of young men and boys.

Been a wide number of similar accusations, some confirmed , against both FGC and Smash players.

In one case, a creator is getting banned from his own game (Mike Z/Skullgirls), though the accusations there are relatively mild (a racist joke+ some mild creepy awkwardness common in the FGC)