Evolution 2017 - "I thought his brain would be exposed there!"


I watched a bit of the DBFZ replay but now I’m sucked into Guilty Gear.

What is the “left behind” meme for EVO?


The left behind meme is Capcom’s PR guy saying “haters will be left behind” as a response to all the criticism the game has rightfully received. Their PR guy is pretty much the Derek Smart of PR, he does a great job of just angering the playerbase more and more.

So it’s a way of folks venting anger at Capcom- SF5 hate is a bit of a meme in itself, though there is plenty of reason to crap on the game. It’s the Elemental War of Magic of fighting games in terms of the mistakes, and they really haven’t improved the fundamental problems enough yet (that said, the input delay problem is an engine problem and might not be improvable, Tekken has similar issues, though it’s not as bad in Tekken due to Tekken always having higher input delay due to its nature as a 3d game)

The sad thing is that looking at the upcoming MvCI, it really looks like Capcom has learned nothing and forgotten nothing, the exact opposite of Stardock’s response.


Watched a bunch of pools for SF5 yesterday and I have to echo the sentiments of @Alstein that Season 2 just isn’t that much fun to watch. I’ve mostly adjusted to playing Season 2, but I’m definitely not as into it as I was with Season 1. I hope “Super” or Season 3 is more to my liking (and we get my gal Sakura!)

I caught a bit of Guilty Gear which was pretty fun to watch. I play a bit of GG, but it’s really complex and I don’t have a partner in crime to learn with, still it’s really fun to watch!

I’m a bit more positive on MvCI than most of the Internet seems to be, and I thought the demo was pretty fun. I’m a bit of a sucker for super heroes though, so that probably has something to do with it. I’m still looking forward to that one. I’m less excited for DBZ, but mostly because I kinda hate the IP. If it’s a fun enough game though, I imagine I will pick it up so I can suck at that too. :)


Losers Finals for Smash Melee right now.

Hungrybox v. mang0

Armada is waiting…


Lots of great matches today. Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s swansong was hype. Tekken 7 has been a lot of fun so far. Aris is one of my favorite fighting game commentators by far.

Smash is on Disney XD at 6PM EDT. Street Fighter V later at 10PM on ESPN2.


I have Rev 2, but I’m so pathetic at it that I don’t think I’d be much of a help. I even play SP with the “Stylish” mode on most of the time.

Anyway, I play the game, so if you need anything let me know. ;)


Had it on I the background after dinner, and got pretty into it by the end. That was a pretty enjoyable finals, and the very last stock was pretty epic.


Blazblue finals were hype as hell. Tekken was fun, and Geese Howard is one of my favorite characters ever, so this guarantees I stick with Tekken for a while.

That Persona/Blazblue/RWBY crossover fighter is like a modern-day Marvel 2. Just throw stuff together and see what works. Hopefully it works like Marvel 2 did.

Fighting Layer - I really wish it was on Steam and not PS4 exclusive. It looks interesting.

Throw in DBFZ and I think Arcsys is on the path to overtaking Capcom.


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I have Rev 2, but I’m so pathetic at it that I don’t think I’d be much of a help. I even play SP with the “Stylish” mode on most of the time.

Anyway, I play the game, so if you need anything let me know. ;)

Yeah, I’m awful. We might have some fun games. I also have Rev 2, I’m on PS4 though. You?


Maybe, but Arcsys games are still pretty impenetrable. If the can figure out a way to make the games complex and rewarding, but less difficult to initially get your head around, I think they stand a good chance of toppling Capcom and Netherealm.


PC. No crossplay, alas, so I guess you won’t get to see how awful I really am. ;)


Man, I love watching Punk play. This guy is so slick.


Knuckledu bags!


Arcsys occasionally does simpler games. Persona was simpler, and DBFZ is supposed to be in the same vein. Persona did really well too, I expect a P5 Arena at some point.

not going to count Battle Fantasia, even if I’d really want a Battle Fantasia char in that Arcsys crossover game. Also would want Kenshiro.


That’s true. I only played a bit of Persona Arena before my PS3 was stolen, but it was definitely more approachable. Great game, I hope they do a P5 version. :)


Alas, my suckiness will remain enigmatic.


Winner spoiler:


Loser spoiler:

I felt like Punk was winning too much and I hate unstoppable forces in any sport, so I was kind of rooting for him to lose. But it broke my heart to see him in tears up there at just 18 years old, and I know the US has been trying to win this tournament in Street Fighter for almost a decade now. I’m in his corner now. I hope he comes back and kills it!


My big thing was the Geese Howard announce. My all-time favorite fighting game design in the fighting game I currently play.

I just wish SNK’s announcement was a game with Geese instead of guest character Geese, and KOF14 wasn’t anything special.

Next year may be my most likely shot to ever make one of these things- maybe you can see me choke on stream again.


Punk took it really hard but hopefully he will learn from this and come back stronger. Tokido played like a 32 year old man with all the experience and cool that entails. It was a great win for a guy who has come close many times before.


Yeah, it was tough to see the emotional breakdown of Punk, but I was happy to see Tokido win. He really worked hard for that and definitely earned it. Age and experience really won out over youth and vigor last night, but is was hard to watch the nerves finally hit Punk in Grand Finals.