Evolution 2018 - The Gokuing

EVO is underway! Free to play fighting games on Steam this weekend. Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and the Gokufest called Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Here’s the stream schedule…

Apparently the Daigo team sponsor brought a cheer squad.


ARMS Top 4 is on now. Evo7

I know I’m one of like three people here that care, but the remaining Top 8s are going on now through late tonight with Street Fighter V finishing it out.

It sucks the SFV finals started so late. I try to watch this every year, but SFV didn’t start until after midnight on the east coast. I was up until 1:30am when they had just gotten to winner’s finals. Had to throw in the towel at that point and get some sleep. Now I want to watch the rest without getting spoiled, but the EVO channel doesn’t have on-demand replays available.

Yeah. I passed out at 1am. That was crap that everything ran so damn late. If ever there was an example of how West Coast late starts kill East Coast interest in things, that was it.

I didn’t even try. I saw Dragonball still going at 10:30 and went to bed.

Looks like a fun result and some super cool trailers for 2 new characters in SFV.

I did see the trailers for the characters. That was cool. I’ll get caught up tonight. Hoping top 8 is on YouTube by then.

SFV top 8 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydEQq4A6UZQ