Evolve needs a medic

Title Evolve needs a medic
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 1, 2015

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve, their asymmetrical shooter, will be free this weekend on Xbox One and PC. See, they just released the Monster 2.0 update back on the 11th of August, but no one seems to have cared enough to talk about it..

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Nope. I'll pass. Too late.

That kind of talk could get you a job at home

Still playing it here! Been enjoying the new characters, maps, Arena mode and ranked Hunt. The Arena mode is a great place for quick skirmishes and combat practice. I've always sucked with the monster but I've got better since that mode was introduced. Looking forward to whatever else they've got in store as well. Shame the playerbase has tanked but it's not surprising really. We'll see if the free weekend manages to give it a boost but there are a lot of new titles vying for everyone's attention at the moment. Not the best timing!