Exalted Comics?

So I’ve somehow gotten interested in White Wolf’s Exalted (thanks a lot, Euri). Anyhow, I’ve noticed they have comics. I’m wondering if they are as bad as most game-spinoff-comics are or if anybody here thinks they’re worth a try?

Looks pretty meh to me: http://www.white-wolf.com/exalted/index.php?line=comicissue1

Speaking of pen and paper spinsoff into the world of comics, I recently bought a package of old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics from a bookstore for a dollar. My god, some of them were horrendous. If you use anything other than the setting and characters, such as mentioning the particular names of the spells that wizards are casting, bleargh. Reading those comics was like seeing the live action rpg video where the guy goes, “Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!” again for the very first time.

Oh, fracturous rulebooks! How long until the release of Flowers:The Blearghing?

I have the graphic novel adaptations of Dragonlance. They suck.

Let’s not forget Magic: The Gathering comics. Popular stuff for a bit.

Did any of the storylines ever resolve?

Gamefic is almost always awful, in any form. There are rare exceptions, but White Wolf has never been one of them.

I wouldn’t know as I’m brand new to their stuff. The first I ever knew of Vampire: The Masquerade was when the game came out. And it was pretty good.

It’s a matter of degree, of course. Going strictly by the Exalted example, the comics are likely to be better than their prose gamefic. I’m basing this on the comics in the second edition of the Exalted rulebook being merely blah, instead of the aggressive awfulness of the pages of written fiction in the first editions. Although I do fear the comics that will grace any second edition of the Abyssal splat.