Exalted from White Wolf

So Angie said she played it online right? Anyone else try it online? I’d like to get into a PnP RPG, but I can’t really do that here in town very easily.

Euri was running one:

It was great fun but died when we lost a couple of players.

Me too.

playing over IRC is great because you can write some really great stunts while you are waiting for your turn to arrive plus you don’t have to smell the other players :)

I would love to play more but I don’t think I can handle another sudden crash. This is like the fourth game I’ve tried that has started and then whooshed. I have a disappointment disorder =(

I’d be interested in this as well.

If it helps, Euri, I liked your game, IRC RPGs just aren’t for me. :)

Since the thread is falling off the tracks anyway, why not?

Who is starting the IRC game? And will I need to buy a rulebook?

If you guys can convince Euri to be the Storyteller, you’d be in for a good time. He’s really good at it.

I’m unavailable until August due to vacations etc. so I’ll just have to cheer you all on from the sidelines until then.

And Joel, if you’re new to the ruleset I would strongly suggest buying the rulesbook, although rumor has it there are .pdf’s available if you’re the ARR! type.

I need to sit down tonight and check out the Exalted 2.0 I just picked up (I’m friends with the White Wolf guys, so this is one of the few perks of living in Atlanta…and those boys are still an hour drive from me!).

There has to be some killer Web application out there that makes playing online a breeze, sort of like a matchmaking service for XBL or something? You’d think with the high density of computer geeks in the field that this would be a gimme.

As Angie mentioned in her post above, there are dicebots that make IRC gaming pretty easy.

I enjoy just reading these books, actually. I picked up Requiem just to read it at night before I go to sleep. WW tells some good stories. However, the NOVELS are horrible.

http://www.openrpg.com/ beats IRC by a wide margin, IMO. Find a good gaming community and you’re set.

OpenRPG is a bloated piece of crap. I’ve played games in both and my preference is STRONGLY for IRC.

Can you elaborate on what’s wrong with OpenRPG?

These days that seems to require taking a time machine to the 1990s.

I wrote a garbled paragraph here before realizing that the best way for you to be enlightened is to try them both. Trust me, mIRC has every desirable feature of OpenRPG with none of the cruft. And it’s a proper executable too!

Has anyone tried Fantasy Grounds?