Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW, $16.99 (Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky)

Both on Steam and GOG:

15% off for the first week (I think)

This game deserves all the attention. If you are a fan of the classics like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears or Tales of Symphonia, Lunar, this one is a very good title that stands among the very best.

It was released even in the US on PSP, a few years ago, the Steam version should have an improved translation and it’s actually an excellent port that works perfect with mouse & keyboard.

It’s part of the Kiseki series that is getting more and more popular in Japan and what is important to know is that, while it’s a solid 50 hour game, I think it still ends on a cliffhanger. The story does continue on a second chapter that is even slightly longer, even better rated, and most importantly is ALSO planned to be released on Steam around the end of this year (and will most likely be delayed by a few months).

Part 1 (this one) and 2 make a whole story, so it’s not like, say Final Fantasy where every title is its own separate world. The Kiseki series has an overarching plot and that spans across multiple games. It’s not very likely we’ll see more titles besides these two, but these two chapters together indeed make a whole story even if the setting lives on. Since the part 2 release is finally guaranteed to come out, sooner or later, then the whole thing is certainly worthy of attention.

A year ago the Agarest first title was released on Steam and I think it sold well. That was a rather mediocre JRPG but that still deserved some attention so that more of these games can come out. This one instead is excellent and extremely cheap for the amount of content.

As I said it’s an excellent port but that also has some issues right now. There may be crashing problems if you run it at 1080p, so if it crashes try to change the resolution as a temporary fix. Other issues may be related to the movies playback. In the configuration program you can disable the videos in case there are problems, switch resolutions, cap framerate, play windowed or fullscreen. The mouse buttons are also screwed up, but again in the config problem you can go to the input tab and fix that.

Give them money so we get part 2 as soon an possible, and maybe make more likely a continuation of the series also on Windows.

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Part 2 is already started and planned. Part 3 is going to depend on sales though.

I hope it does, means more money for a friend who works on these games.

Sounds like there are still too many tech issues for me to pay. I’ll wait until they get them ironed out.

Couldn’t you, you know, have mentioned the title of the darn game in the thread title?


Or, indeed, anywhere in the post.

Or bumped the preexisting thread. Again.

That thread has PSP in the title, precluding attention to what’s actually relevant.

The title of the game, being extremely generic, is not what defines this game.


Way too many reviews that complain about constant game crashes for me to throw money at it. I prefer to buy playable games.

Considering it’s a new release that is just a few hours old, it’s very possible issues come up.

But at this time the game is certainly “playable”. All the problems currently known can be fixed by simply tweaking the options. It’s just about knowing about them and how to address them until official fixes arrive.

In particular, at this time all known crashes depend on a fixable resolution issue, and not the game itself being unstable.

Still no name? I’ll be damned if I’ll click on those links to find out what the excellent, classic JRPG that deserved two seperate threads is called.

Ok, I did anyway.

Trails in the Sky. Now I’m intrigued…

Are the characters 12-year-olds with big eyes? That shit is enough to keep me away.

I like Ys, and Falcom’s soundtracks are reliably excellent, but many traditional JRPGs fail to keep the battle system varied, snappy, and strategic throughout the game. Does this avoid that? I’m over playing games for story – if the activity that you spend most of your time doing isn’t highly engaging in its own right, I’m not going to bother. What are the other main reasons to play this game?

Basically, I guess what I want to know is: what’s so great about TitS?

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not really

Falcom doesn’t use that style.

But it is how humans typically identify things. You know. With names.

Yepp. Also, if someone is going to want to post impressions about the game somewhere down the timeline, he’s definately not going to search the forum for “Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW” to find a thread for it.

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HRose, which JRPG???


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