Excellent Discussion of War of the Ring (boardgame)


Here you will find a really great discussion about the Fantasy Flight boardgame “War of the Ring”. I know some folks here are boardgamers, or interested in getting into boardgames, and as WotR was my introduction into that hobby I thought I might link this here.

I will chime in with my thoughts on the game later, but I will preface that by saying that I think these guys really hit the nail on the head, capturing both the good and the bad points of WotR. Hopefully, someone who might be interested in the game will find their comments useful.

Qt3 is a great place to read conversations about the meta-mechanics of video games- how they’re constructed, what makes them strong, what makes them weak, etc. These folks talk similarly about things like “chrome” in boardgames, and I think there is a lot of crossover there.

Mark L

Not sure that boardgamegeeks is a new find, but War of the Rings is a great game. You need at least 4 hours for 2 players 6 hours if you decide to play with 4. I’ve been trying to get someone to play it with me.