Exciting new gameplay feature: Shame

Maybe they should put a Juventus player on the box this year.


“We are still innovating the gameplay in our current-gen game, and this year, the new online Interactive Leagues will bring together soccer fans from around the world and allow them to experience the glory and shame of their clubs, 24/7,” said Joe Booth, producer of FIFA 07.

Pfah. That’s nothing. You don’t know shame until you manage to suck so badly at Animal Crossing that your character dies.

I’d imagine Microsoft could really tap into a neglected XBoxLive gaming niche if they offered a public list of “Shames” in addition to their Achievements.

Any soccer game released in the next year that doesn’t have a secret headbutt move is really missing an opportunity.

I really like the Achievements you get for sucking. Chromehounds has at least one, DOA4 has a few.

I’ve killed a couple of Sims, does that count?

I eagerly await the release of Slap Shot: The Game.

Given the track record for self-preservation that Sims have, no I don’t think that counts.

Shame? What kind of escapism would that be!?

I already have a wife thanks.

I get lots of those “Hahah you Suck!” Achievements. Hell, I actually strive for those, and just hope the others fall into my lap as I play… I should sign on Chromehounds, I’m sure I’ve got at least a dozen medals waiting for me… My clan must’ve done something good…

DOA4 has a a few losing streak 0 point achievements. it’s the extra screw you., after the pink belt in NG: black, I shudder to think what itagaki will do to people who play the 360 NG on easy mode

I thought I recognized that name. What are the odds?

I dunno. Does he have a tail under those shorts?