Exclusive Characters of SC2 revealed?

Here are the exclusive characters for Soul Calibur 2 for each next-gen system

PS2 - Heihachi (Tekken)
NGC - Link (Zelda)
Xbox - Spawn (Spawn comics/game)

Another exclusive character will be named Necrid and will appear on all systems.

Heihachi Images:

Link Images:

Spawn Images:

Each link also shows the new character Necrid as well


Great. Now I have to buy it twice.

Those links were Farked for me. Did anyone else get them to work?

This is indeed bad news for Xboxsters. I was going to make my copy Xbox flavored but there are few things in this world I despise more than Todd MacFarlane and his ultra-hyper-mega kitsch.

They work, you’ve got to wait awhile, then right click the broken images and choose “Show Picture” if you’re using IE. It’ll reload the image and it usually will show up.

Heihachi’s no big deal…I can see him in Tekken 4 anytime. Link is the big draw.


IGN has a ton of screenshots and video.

Just finished downloading the video from IGN. Link’s got all of his trademark moves. The spin attack, the boomerang, the bow, and even the bombs! At one point he tosses someone into the air with his sword (kind of like Sophitia did) and then shot him in the air with the bow. In another he knocked his opponent down and threw a bomb at him. Also, the spin attack comes with all of the cool particle effects you’d expect from a Soul Calibur game. Damn I’m excited about this game. We still put in a lot of time with the 3.5 year old original at my place.

That’s HIGHLY annoying that they will have different character per each system. I’m going to buy the game, of course, but I’m not buying 3 seperate versions so I can play with each character…fuck that.

Matt is REALLY annoyed by this marketing tactic!

The only thing that bugs me about it is that you won’t be able to have the special characters fight against each other. I mean, we know Link would kick ass, and Heihachi would probably rip Spawn’s head off, but I’d at least like to try it.

I wish the PS2 one would’ve had someone more…unique. Even a fighter from Virtua Fighter would’ve been more welcome than Heihachi.


Spawn and Heihachi are supposed to be in both the PS2 and Xbox versions. Naturally, Link is only on GameCube.

Spawn looks pretty damn cool.

Spawn and Heihachi are supposed to be in both the PS2 and Xbox versions. Naturally, Link is only on GameCube.

Uh…where did you get that from? PS2 has Heihachi, Xbox has Spawn. None of these characters cross over to other versions.


Hi-res versions:


Doesn’t this realistic Link look about 10,000 times better than the cheesy cartoon Link in Wind Waker? Seriously.

No. Actually he doesn’t. Realistic Link always has, and always will look lame.

I agree – he’s hot! You add about 30 polygons in the right places, and he’d be a very attractive nymph.

I don’t think any of these characters really fit in at all. What the hell do Spawn or Link have to do with anything else in the game? Couldn’t they have saved the strange crossovers for Super Soulblade Brothers Melee?

Yeah, I misread the information. My bad.

An exclusive character on every system?

An exclusive character on every system?[/quote] its well err exclusive to home console versions since the arcade version doesn’t have him