Exclusive demos

Annoy the fuck out of me.

I’ve made it a point to never post news of a demo that is being held exclusively by one site or another. Would anyone care to join me in this hypocritical holier-than-thou endeavour?

(hypocritical b/c I’d also love to have exclusive previews and reviews offered to me :) )

It’s idiotic that companies do this. Don’t you want to get the demo in the hands of as many people as possible in order to promote your product?

Yep, but they like being featured on the front page of FilePlanet or GameSpot. :/

what I love is the hypocrasy of shacknews… at least Gayspy and Gayspot admit to doing it… Gibson says he disagrees with it when Gayshack doesn’t get the exclusive, yet he will totally pimp his exclusives when he does get the occasional one…

I really don’t see what the hullaballoo about exclusive demos is about. They are exclusive at release for a fixed (and usually short) period of time.

I hate the term “exclusive” in a web context at all. The first person to download it will probably be a competitor, and there goes your exclusive.

When a site (or a magazine, for that matter) gets a demo exclusive, it usually means a lot of extra promotion from that outlet. To some publishers, it makes a lot of sense to have their demo pimped heavily on FilePlanet or GameSpot for a few days before it goes “public” instead of tossing it out to the masses at once, which often results in one initial surge and then everyone forgetting about it in a day or two.

And then, to some publishers, it makes no sense at all. But there are arguments for both sides, often depending on the game and the audience of the site in question.

Just the fact that they (exclusives) create animosity towards the publisher is reason enough to not pursue it. Hellchick made a really good post at Planetcrap with some excellent points about why exclusives are not a good idea all around shortly after the big blowout over the CoD demo standoff occured.

I’d link to it but being the lazy slob I am, its not going to happen.

Rumor is that Fileplanet will have the DX2 demo thursday.

I’ll cave and pay for that shit. Fuckers. No fair.

Jesus, a DE2 demo would be the holy grail of exclusive demos. Bastards.

To me the whole idea seems mutually exclusive, as noted above it seems demos are made to get in the hands of as many people as quickly as possible. Of course, with a high profile demo like Deus Ex 2, it also becomes a promotional event for both parties. But then again, the odds are that both will piss off the people left out even more.


The War Begins on 11.20.2003

It is one of the most anticipated games of the year. It is the latest creation of arguably the most critically-acclaimed development team in the gaming industry. It is the sequel to a landmark game that won more than 30 Game of the Year awards. And it is coming to FilePlanet.

Sneak, Hack, Bribe, Kill. In the future war on terror, how will you choose to fight? The War begins on 11.20.2003.

Is it no longer a rumour when they have that website?

So are the gaming sites gonna rebel over this like they did for Call of Duty? Personally I hope they do or go on step further by deliberately posting bittorrent links to this when they turn up hopefully within say 10 minutes of this demo being released…

Am I missing something? That FilePlanet page makes no mention of the Invisible War demo being exclusive to them.

The reason I’m thinking they mean an exclusive is because it has been widely reported that Eidos is planning to release the demo in December.


Ah, yeah. I’d been hearing about an early December release, too.

I hope Charles likes EZ Pad. :)

I was wondering why the nick Creole Ned seemed familiar to me, and then it hit me. Were you a big Tribes 2 player Ned?

Yep, assuming it is Deus Ex 2 and an exclusive. An email about it has circulated through the webmasters already.

Ok, that doesn’t mention it being an exclusive, so I’m probably going off half-cocked as usual.

Well, considering it’s using DX2’s tagline, I’d imagine it’s unlikely to be anything else…

I don’t know how big a player I was, but yeah, I’ve played a lot of Tribes 2. I even threw together a few guides for it and organized some semi-private server games. I still can’t use the chaingun because of my keyboard layout. Try pressing three mouse buttons at once. It ain’t easy. :)

So … I can understand someone having a philosophical opposition to exclusive demos, regardless of where it appears. What I don’t get is why is seems some people will get completely bent out of shape over an exclusive on Fileplanet, and yet become understanding and nice when the exclusive is for PC Gamer or someone else.

Is it just the installation key stuff? It seems like it’s more than that. Can someone explain it to me?