Exclusive demos

Just a guess…but does it have to do with the fact they have to wait in line to download it from Fileplanet as well as jump through a hoop or two to “authorize” it and they get it immediately on the PC Gamer disc with no hassle and quick installation right from the CD?


Last I checked, the PC Gamer CD’s weren’t free. You actually have to buy the magazine to get it. I don’t think it’s fair to compare that to a free download.

I get the impression PCG exclusives are just as resented as FilePlanet’s. The second Call of Duty was a PCG exclusive, and while the web sites respected that, it wasn’t hard to find it elsewhere.

The resentment may also be because FilePlanet is seen as raising its nose at other game download sites, in part because of its enforcement of exclusives.

Third, there’s that whole “pay to get access to a free demo” thing.

Finally, it may also relate to quantity. FilePlanet has had a number of exclusives for some time now, whereas the print mags have had a lot less. Or at least, that’s my impression.

And oh, you know Sluggo, everyone hates GameSpy. Because it’s cool to hate GameSpy, the man, and so on.

Edit: for clarification, I myself dislike FilePlanet’s exclusives because I would have to pony up for yet another subscription in addition to my GameSpot, PCG, CG, and CGW subscriptions.

Heh, cool. I recognized your nick from my days at the official Tribes 2 forums. Funny, I ran into Samuel K during the There beta awhile ago. Dunno why I keep remembering you guys.