Excuse me, that's Mr Turok to you

Hoping to push back the frontiers of advertising, a British marketing firm said Monday it would pay nearly $800 each to five people for the right to transform them into human billboards for a fantasy superhero.

Acclaim UK is seeking applicants who will legally change their names for one year to promote the latest installment of its video game series about Turok, a time-traveling American Indian who slays bionically enhanced dinosaurs.

I like the part where it is suggested you’d be proud to be called Turok if you only knew how big and good looking he was.


Wasn’t there something about Shadowman and advertising on tombstones or something else equally outrageous from Acclaim?

Yeah. Also from the UK office, I think. I suppose ont he theory that any publicity is good publicity. Of course, the risk with such schemes is that the pyblicity becomes better known than the games.


It’s time for everyone to ignore Acclaim completely from now on.

Bub, Andrew Posted:

It’s time for everyone to ignore Acclaim completely from now on.

I’d agree, but it looks like this is a hoax. Ars Technica front page news has an update about it. The website about the promotion has an About page that lists a book by the “marketing genius” behind the promotion. I checked this myself, the ISBN for his book is a Knock Knock joke book.

I think the sad part of all of this is how quick we all were to believe that a company would actually do something like this.


Could be a hoax, sure. But Salon took it off the AP and the story mentions the other things we thought were hoaxes. I prefer to think of England as a strange fairy kingdom where anything can happen.