Explain your "handle"

why did you choose your nom de plume? what’s the meaning behind it?

mine: sellthekids

the movie Apocalypse Now has a scene in it where Capt Willard is headed up river in the PT and he is reading some mail he just picked up. in the mail is a notice from his commanders mentioning a small fact (i’ll paraphrase): ‘oh by the way, we sent someone up to do your job a few months ago. we think he may have joined Col. Kurtz’s team. here is a letter we intercepted him sending out.’

cut to Willard reading a small note which says:

Sell the house
Sell the car
Sell the kids
I am never coming home

there you have it! i always found that little note funny.

Mine is Ananab Tilps, and I got it one evening at Dairy Queen when a friend of mine and I were waiting in line, amusing ourselves by reading the menu items backwards.

Another favorite from that experience: Retsulc Tun

My favorite internet nick of all time: Serrated Head Juicer (witnessed on bungie.net while playing Myth: The Fallen Lords)

  • Dave

David is my first name and I am a Certified Public Accountant.


Sigh. I hate this kind of stupid poll thread, but it is a slow day at work.

Miramon Lluagor is the Entelechy of Dreams, professionally responsible for mankind’s dreams. He held the enchanted sword Flamberge after Charlemagne’s death, until he was eventually killed by his son the proconsul Demetrios with that cursed blade. Miramon is one of the Leshy, a race who in Russian mythology are malicious forest spirits, but in James Branch Cabell’s books, they are rather more important.

Miramon is something of a Merlin cognate for Dom Manuel, the central character around which Cabell’s huge mythos revolves. Unlike Merlin, Miramon is elegantly civilized, something of an esthete, a henpecked husband (his wife doesn’t understand why he has to spend so much time on nightmares and erotic dreams) and has a much deeper understanding of the workings of the universe than most other Cabell characters.

See for example Figures of Earth and The Silver Stallion by James Branch Cabell, who if you don’t know, is probably the best fantasy writer of the first half of the twentieth century, and is also one of the best writers in general of that period, IMO.

Alex Rogan

This is of course from The Last Starfighter.

I think I watched it 18 times or something.
That might explain a lot of things…like why I feel a bit nervous if I’m doing too well in America’s Army. Good thing that rarely ever happens.

Poll: How many people look at the rest of a post that begins with this sentence?

I don’t go by my normal handle on this board but for gaming I use PsychoTrain. A coworker put my name into an Anagram site and it was generated. This was back in '95 or so.

Met_K is something that I’ve been going by since about 1999 online. It’s an old nickname stemming from Metallikat, something I was labeled as years ago because I was a huge Metallica fan (pre-sell out!) back in the day.

I also go by Ministry in various places. That’s pretty easy to explain, it’s pulled from one of my favorite bands as well. Ministry, naturally.

“Every Day is Halloween” is good music to be reamed in the ass by.

Is it? I always asked me Doctor’s to put on ‘Just One Fix’ when I was being given an enema. Sometimes they even match the beat!

anything by the revolting cocks

Because I really have no business being on this website, other than I think Tom Chick is funny, so instead of being a total dork who comes here under my own name, I became a total dork who comes here under a name from a series of books I loved (and secretly still love) as a kid. Sum total is still total dork.

Is that Doom 3 on a Voodoo 1 video card?


more info please.

It’s a picture of a wumpus. Yeesh.

  • Balut

balut: Filipino delicacy consisting of a partially developed duck-egg; it is typically eaten by cracking open a small hole in the shell, sprinkling in some salt, and slurping down the wet, crunchy, slightly feathery contents.

I use “balut” because it is distinctly Filipino and no one else anywhere really uses it. Plus it’s pretty nasty stuff that yet many people still enjoy.

  • Balut

“Politicians will do almost anything to win an election, even if it means killing off your entire electorate.”
http://www.geodyn.psu.edu/earth101/fareffects.html (scroll down a bit)

Auguste Ciparis survived the eruption of Mt. Pelee, which decimated his town of St. Pierre, by being alone underground in a small stone prison cell during the eruption (sentenced to die). Amused at the irony when I read about it a few years ago, I switched from Dammit to Ciparis.

Dammit was a name I had chosen while trying to host a lan game of Red Alert (allowing the use of the 2 CDs in a case to assist in starting multiplayer games was terrific, and my company had several people who owned copies… we played every day at 5pm). After 3 or 4 failed starts, I grew frustrated and started a game as “Dammit!”. The game worked, and the name stuck.

The handle I usually use is ‘Tele.’ I thought of it as i was applying to a hack/phreak BBS called DnA back in 1993 when I lived in Orange County. As i was filling out the application it i realized that my current handle would just get me blacklisted so i looked around my room and viola!

A stupid story, yes, but I got on the board and was happy :)

For sellthekids sake…the wumpus is a creature from an old, old game called Hunt The Wumpus, wherein you hunt the wumpus.
You can play an online version here: http://www.inthe70s.com/games/wumpus/index.shtml#

Coincidentally, I just named my new cat Wumpus - though not after Qt3’s beloved wumpus, but the abovementioned wumpus.