Explorer won't start. I wonder why


Everytime I try to use explorer or even plain old My Computer from the Desktop, it loads up and immediately quits. Same with Internet Explorer. This has happened once or twice before, its usually solved by restarting the computer or backing a System Restore point. But for some bizarre reason there IS no system restore point this time (though I set aside the appropriate amount of hard drive space to make automatically).

So…does anyone know what I can do? Its kind of hard to think of something when access to my computer itself is all wonky. I tried to run some online virus programs, but they all require IE, which won’t start. Spybot and Ad-aware don’t seem to have found anything and those are the only two programs I can access without starting explorer.



Try this maybe?


There’s always the windows console ftp client:

ftp ftp.mozilla.org

user anonymous

cd /pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/1.0.6/win32/en-US/

mget *exe

or if you’d rather, put FF/opera/spybot/etc on a USB key and use that to fix your problems.

reinstalling windows always helps too ;)

Thanks for the help! The problem turned out to be due to something embedded in an iTunes update. How weird! Apple tries to sabotage Microsoft! 0_o!

Problem solved, thanks again. Sing it with me now.

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