Extended boot cycle

As always, Google searches only seem to return stale results that don’t quite match.

The past couple days, I’ve noticed it has taken my PC a lot longer to boot. Where it used to go almost immediately to the Aorus logo boot screen, then flash right to Windows, I now get a minute or two of a black screen with a white dash in the upper left corner. Then the Aorus boot screen comes up for an extended time (30 seconds to a minute?) and then I get to the Windows 11 log in screen.

I can’t help but feel like something is heading towards failure. Any tips?

Try re-seating pci cards/devices/drives. If that doesn’t do anything, try removing one at a time and see if boot speed improves - ie disconnect non-boot drives, non-essential USB devices, etc. Could be initial bios HW polling/checks hanging due to device or cabling issues.

Agreed. I had a drive with bad sectors in my work computer. Even after I copied everything over to a new drive that I booted from, I kept that one connected and it would boot really slowly. The day I disconnected, the extended boot time went away.

A few more thoughts: Did your BIOS / firmware get updated and maybe disable fast boot (or whatever your brand calls that feature)? Also possible that maybe the boot drive is VERY low on space and the cache that lets Windows startup more quickly is gone & can’t be recreated from lack of space?

Yeah, try running sfc /scannow on your boot drive.

This feels right.

My guess is RAM, try taking either stick out, then repeat.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who recommended a reseating of all slotted parts. It has solved the issue. I also did a “reset” of Windows, so the OS seems a bit tidier and snappier, but that could be psychological (or the reposado).

Boot time is now about 30-40 seconds. Much improved over 4+ minutes!