Extinguish Me Elmo


Holy crap, that was horrifying. I’d have laughed if Elmo had got up and walked towards the house, setting it ablaze.

I can’t stand seeing pain done to lifeless toy-bots, but human misery is always funny. Especially when they are trying to be funny.

In a similar vein: massive coronary Hitler Elmo. (stolen from jwz)

More foolishness.

That was way funnier than I anticipated. Reminds me of Princess Bride.

…I see.

I have a cold, so cut me some slack, here.

Hahahahaha. Loved the movie and loved the use of it here.

There’s actually longer versions of the original.

Watch parts 2 and 3 as well!

Oh shit… I can’t stop laughing.

Makes a wonderful companion to Tickle Me Emo!