Extras - for non-pirates watching on HBO in screwed up order

As an American, I’m having some trouble understanding that furrin’ language they’re speaking. Other than that, spot on!

The best part of that scene, of course, is the small stuff: She’s miming being on the phone while licking her own nipple…when caught, she slowly hangs up the phone. I nearly had a heart attack. That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Just watched the Samuel L Jackson episode. It was fantastic, and had me cringing and squirming just like The Office, perhaps even more so. The only disappointment is that Jackson was barely in it.

The new one may be the best yet. The racism test was pure genius.

This was my least favorite episode. Just didn’t seem to have as many great moments. I loved the Ross Kemp one. Every scene with him was priceless. I’m still laughing about his explanation of the meaning of SAS.

I have seen the first 3 now, finally. Excellent! Ben “The Dick” Stiller is his best character out of all the one’s he has ever done.

How would you like if I shot your Mommy in the head? Wouldn’t be laughing then would ya’?

His constant quoting of box office numbers was hilarious.

I remember loving him in a similar role on Friends as Rachel’s new boyfriend who only Ross knew was a raving looney…until they caught him cussing out the chick and the duck.

Has HBO shown the last episode yet?

Not sure, I saw Sam Jackson and next week is Patrick Stewart, but I am not sure if these are the original HBO airings or not. The first 4 they played in a block the other night that I TiVo’d.

Just saw the Les Dennis episode, I thought it was a bit weak. Eagerly awaiting the Patrick Stewart episode though.

Weak? Even with that dance number from Grease?

Yeah, even that wasn’t great for me. “T&T” was better. And the stolen watch.

I love the dimwitted sidekick/always on the prowl/simple woman routine that they have going. You know she is going to say something inappropriate, Ricky’s character knows it, and together we all wait and then collectively shake our heads when she says it.

That may wear thin eventually, but it and the whole layout of the show gives me a Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm feel. Just regular goofballs joking around wherever they happen to be at the time.

That may wear thin eventually

Not in six episodes it won’t! That’s the beauty of those short BBC series.

And Jojo, if you think the Les Dennis episode was the weakest, you might as well stop watching. I loved that episode and thought it was as good as Extras gets. It had Gervais’ distinct and adroit combination of painful, funny, vicious, and pathetic.


“Les, mate, cover up.”

“They’re gays. They’ll laugh at anythin’.”

“You can sit next to Nana!”

If I had the skills, my entrant into the “WOOOOOOO!” contest would be Gervais in his gay genie costume.

Wait, that is all they are doing? I thought, for some reason, it was an HBO production so we would get a few more.

Oh you won’t chase me away from it that easily. When I said it was weak, I still enjoyed it, It’s just that I found the Samuel L Jackson a much better combo of sadness and desperation than this one. I’m eagerly awaiting the Patrick Stewart episode.

“Where should we go from?”

“How about 1992?”

“No, I meant in the show.”

“I don’t know. Just do some more of that queer shit.”


“Do NOT come in! Do NOT come in! I’m in a meeting!”

The Les Dennis and Patrick Stewart episodes were both fantastic. Stewart’s movie pitch was absolutely priceless.

The Les Dennis stuff is, I suspect, even funnier for those of us from the UK who are familiar with Dennis’s career and his recent public humiliation and meltdown. I wonder if there was something therapeutic for Dennis in poking fun at himself like that.

And there was something really poignant in the scene at the pub when Andy gave him the advice - “You’re a comedian, why don’t you make a joke?” It seemed almost like genuine advice from Gervais to the real Les Dennis.

“But of course, by then I’ve seen everything.”