Extremetech closing up shop

Just so it doesn’t get missed in the other obscurely titled thread:

Condolences to the gang, and best of luck getting back on your feet.

Wow, that sucks. I rather thought ET would survive, being online only and enthusiast-oriented.

Noooooo! That sucks. I went there every day and loved the podcasts. it wasn’t unexpected being ZD and all but still not the outcome I was hoping for.

Truly, this really does suck.

I posted over in EE as well. I’m going to miss the site a lot. I loved the articles as well as some of the recurring series. I hope you all land on your feet quickly too.

Sorry to hear :(

Hope the QT3ers there find new jobs soon.

Sad news; I found the site helpful & appreciate the many contributors that post here. Good luck in the job search for folks affected by this.

Alas, it’s true. Ziff-Davis is shutting it down.

More accurately, the site as it exists today will be shutting down (though the articles will still be live as archives on pcmag.com). It will revive as a blog out of the Ziff-Davis New York office, hosted under PCMag.com.

But that means Jason Cross, Joel Durham, yours truly and our two producers will be out of a job starting 6/26.

I’ve been there for over nine years, though – no regrets, and it’s time to move on. Maybe somewhere where the company is actually making money.

Loyd Case

That’s crazy talk. No one makes money anymore.

Seriously though, best of luck, and I’m glad you’re feeling settled(-ish) about it.

What is this making money you speak of? I thought only Apple did that.

Well, that does suck.

Hopefully, things will work out quickly for you guys. For me personally, I’ve always felt that you and Jason were “Trusted Names”, and I always look to you first on tech matters…

It’s a shame to see ZD crash and burn like this, and send a lot of talented folks out into the metaphorical street.

Best of luck to Lloyd, Jason, and Joel.

Is nothing sacred?

Good luck, guys.

Damn, that sucks. I often went to Tom’s Hardware for the charts, but then to ExtremeTech for the more in-depth reviews and articles.

So uh… if anyone is looking to hire a tech/gaming journalist with 13 years experience, let me know. :)

Or if anyone here who has worked with me or knows me well would like to put a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile:

This really does suck. I love the podcast and site. Good luck to all you guys.

This truly sucks. : ( Best wishes to all the guys there.

Sorry to hear that, guys.

That does suck. ET is the only computer hardware site I have – had, I guess – on my “check daily” list.

Them and Nintendo.

Sorry to hear it, hope everything works out for everybody.