Eye of Judgement

I played a lot of MtG in the day. Anyone have any hands on experience with this game yet?? I don’t see any comments on it. to much GH/RB fanboi-ism here lately.
I’ve read some previews and such in the past. The Video short over on Amazon.com looks quite cool.

That does look awesome.

There’s a long thread about it here: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=39492 but since Gary can’t spell, it’s no wonder you didn’t find it.

There is only one E in Judgment.

Gary was right.


wow… I certainly feel really retarded.

thread… die now! :)

well that and everyone is too damn judgmental, so you get a TON of hits… and eoj is too short… bah…

Clearly I can’t spell, sorry about that Gary!

Judgment and Judgement are both technically correct.

Sort of like color and colour, I suppose.