Eye of Judgment - anyone getting it?

Suddenly I’m very glad I viewed this demo at the con wide-eyed and from a distance!

I checked it out breifly at GenCon as well and was underwhelmed. Kinda cool technology, but it reminded me of a much pricier version of those card scanner comic book battle games that hook directly to your TV.
Honestly, after demoing this and the WoW CCG, I’d rather play the WoW game with real cards.

Because it’s there, easy, and convenient?

Sorry, but your comparison of a DS game using its 2nd screen to Eye of Judgement’s needs fails on just about every level.

The game takes place on a 3x3 grid, correct? And the only thing you really need to render are the units, one per square at most, that go on that grid, correct? I think the PS3 can handle a 3x3 grid of units by itself without need for a webcam, paper cards, etc.

While not without problems, the WoW CCG is pretty fun. I’d really enjoy an integrated digital version much like Sony did with Legends of Norrath.

This kinda reminds me of those old barcode scanner battle games, except it costs way more and they actually are charging you money for the barcodes too.

Well, my local Best Buy has it so I think I’m gonna give it a try since it comes with the camera and that’s bound to come in handy for something else later on anyway.

I am predicting a 90% chance that I will play it for about an hour and then it will gather dust in the box where I keep my Dreamcast fishing rod and DK Bongos.

Aaand… why is it convenient? You’re missing my entire original point here…

The game takes place on a 3x3 grid, correct? And the only thing you really need to render are the units, one per square at most, that go on that grid, correct? I think the PS3 can handle a 3x3 grid of units by itself without need for a webcam, paper cards, etc.

That being that the PS3 doesn’t need to worry about always having to show you your cards. It can animate battles or whatever and you still have your cards on the mat to plan your next move with.

It’s just an alternate display - you could probably do the same thing with a PSP.

Well I picked it up, my PS username is gwhitta if anyone else out there got it and wants to try an online game.

No picture?

I’m not excited enough.

Have you guys seen this: http://kotaku.com/gaming/rumor/eye-of-judgment-card-creating-easier-than-expected-315714.php

This kind of bums me out on the game. I am not into CCG so I don’t really know how much this will effect things, but if you can draw the runes with a felt tip marker and the game recognizes it it seems like playing online will lack some variety (since everyone will have the great cards). Any thoughts?

People really are scum, it’s amazing how inventive and resourceful people can be when the objective is cheating at something.

I don’t consider this cheating, since the game rules provide limits for certain cards. All it does is even the playing field for those who can’t afford the cards, making it pure skill instead of skill + monetary amount invested. As someone who can afford the cards and would never deign to play with cheap print outs or gasp hand written notes I am glad.

Might not be ethical/moral/whatever but cheating? Nah.

My copy shipped from amazon finally, looking forward to playing some games and maybe getting some more cards if I enjoy playing it enough.

I read your original post. You said this entire getup was just like the 2nd screen of a DS. Let me explain (again) why it’s not.

The $130 DS’s inherent second screen comes with no extra effort or strings attached. You put a game in, and BAM, you’re playing it on 2 screen. That is CONVENIENT. It requires no extra effort, no extra dependancies, and is completely portable.

With EoJ, You have to have a $40 eye toy hooked up to a $400-$600 PS3 via a 3’ USB cable, which in turn has to be hooked up to a TV. The eye toy has to be mounted to a special stand, hovering over a large flat surface with the right range of lighting. And, despite the fact that you are essentially playing a digital CCG, you have to find, place, and move analog cards in front of said webcam. That is NOT CONVENIENT. It takes time to set up and tear down, relies on a lot of conditions and items outside your game playing device, and many people’s living rooms (including mine) aren’t even set up to accomodate this, unless I sit on the floor 3’ from my TV.

Sure, they’re both ‘alternate displays’, but one of them is convenient and proven, and one is the worst excercise in usability since the VirtualBoy.

That would be a far, far better idea. Though even those setups are too cumbersome for anyone to be bothered. (Remember Crystal Chronicals or Zelda: Four Swords? Neat ideas, but too cumbersome to have any success.)

Making color photocopies is not really “inventive and resourceful”; it’s pretty much the first thing anyone would try. Sony seems to have done nothing to stop this type of cheating, and when you’re paying money for these things, I see it as their fault.

I actually see this as a good thing. One of the least fun things about CCGs are that the people who invest the most money have a greater chance of winning. In this case, players can “cheat” and construct their decks out of whatever cards they want making a level playing field and revealing the actual quality of the game. If the game isn’t compelling and enjoyable when the cards are free, then it isn’t a good game.

Maybe… But it does mean that the game isn’t going to have a long lifespan.

No one is going to continue to make cards if everyone is going to simply steal the expansions.

If booster sales turn out to be a total flop, maybe this whole copy problem would incent Sony and WotC to release full-card sets of the base set and expansions. I bet people would pay, say, $50 for the core version (or the $70 with EyeToy) and $30 for a complete expansion set. That would go a long way to making this whole thing a slightly better proposition.

Personally, I’d love to start buying CCGs again if expansions were sold as fixed-card sets (like computer game expansions) instead of costing hundreds or thousands to complete. But of course, it would take like 10 people buying a fixed-cost expansion to offer the same amount of revenue of a single customer of random pack-based CCG’s under the current model, so it rarely happens.

For all this talk, are there actually any decent CCGs on DS? I mean there’ve been a number of posts saying it works but the only one I can remember offhand was Marvel Trading Card Game, and that interface required so much scrolling because of the tiny screen that it really didn’t seem suited for the system in the slightest.

I liked Marvel on PSP quite a bit. I heard it wasn’t as good on the DS, but I didn’t play that version.

Others for DS are various Yu-Gi-Oh iterations, Full Metal Alchemist, and Capcom vs SNK 2. There are also hybrids: Mega Man Battle Network, Battles of Price of Persia, and Chocobo Tales.

There are probably others I’m forgetting. And there’s the Warhammer CCG that’s PSP only. Of all of those, Marvel for PSP was probably my favorite, but that’s probably more personal taste than anything.

so… how did this game turn out for those of you that picked it up and gave it a try?

It’s really fun if you have someone to play locally with. It’s also very expensive. You’re looking at investing at least $100 into it to enjoy it. ($70 for the game, $30 for another starter which is required for a second player and some boosters)