F*ck Microsoft XBOX Support

How do you deal with customer support. I know people have Xboxes bricking left and right, but how do you complain to MS about their horrible customer service?

I need my av cable replaced. I’ve been waiting 2 months for this. I had several calls and during those calls I was told DO NOT RETURN the AV cable. Yet I never got it. So I called again and was told by MS that the cable had been sent and I should get it soon. Never got it. I called back and they now tell me to SEND THE CABLE. NO WAIT, DON’T SEND the cable. We screwed up sorry for not shipping the cable but its shipping now. Still no cable now I’m told to ship the cable. Mother F MS your support doesn’t know what the hell to do but waste my time by putting me on hold and giving me reference numbers and making sure I am who I say I am by verifying my serial number on my Xbox. Just solve my problem in a timely manner.
This is a growing trend in companies. I’m not saying outsourcing to other countries is the reason, but something has changed and not for the better in all customer support. I do love my 360 and my games, the cool wireless controls and the xbox live, but the support service needs to change now.

Drive to the store and buy one?

2 months saved, no hold time or aggravation.


And if you get pissy about having to buy new cables, talk to someone at MS that is in charge of something and send them the bill.