F.E.A.R. of a PR flack planet

In this morning’s press release announcing the imminent arrival of F.E.A.R., Vivendi introduces it as “the game that John Carpenter says is ‘the scariest game I’ve played’”.

This game is doing very well with reviewers so far. I really cant wait for it.

Why’d you have to do that? Now I must cry about having to wait a few more days before the game is out :(.

Wait… Julia Roberts plays Halo?

Julia Roberts mentioned Halo or Xbox or something once. The reference found it way into some glossy press brochure Microsoft printed up.


We need Xtian to come back and do a word of the day on ‘zetz’.

Where is he anyway?

Dingus, come back.

All is forgiven.

I enjoyed the demo until the j-horror girl showed up. Then some bilious allergic reaction occured and I had to stop.

I’d have thought anyone who’d seen John Carpenter’s recent output (ie. anything in the last… er… 20 years) wouldn’t really want his name on what appears to be a good game.

Wil Wheaton likes Moon Patrol.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

I’m pretty psyched about this game, I must admit. TRON and NOLF have turned me into a Monolith fanboy.

Also, this thread title wins the award easily for best Public Enemy reference. :)

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)[/quote]

One of those movies you really hate yourself for liking…

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)[/quote]

One of those movies you really hate yourself for liking…[/quote]

Nah, I still like myself.

“What’s in the flask, Egg, magic potion?”
“Good, thought so. What do we do, drink it?”
“Good, thought so.”

Big Trouble is still probably my favorite Carpenter film, though I haven’t seen a lot of his supposed classics.

Gordon- How many Carpenter movies have you seen, then? His best movies are Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, and The Thing. He doesn’t exactly have a tremendous track record, even adding They Live and Escape from New York to his “good list” you get 5 decent movies in 30 years(and only 2 of those are even loosely horror).

Really, it’s an odd name to attach to a game, especially if you’re going for “scary”. Carpenter pretty much invented the ‘slasher’ subgenre, but many of his movies aren’t scary. He also hasn’t made a movie since 2001.

I would agree that the first three you mention are likely his best, but I also like ‘Big Trouble…’. He did a really dreadful movie several years ago, ‘In the Mouth of Madness’, which I watched after hearing some people rave that it was ‘the best translation of Lovecraft ever done on film!!’. Ehh, no, it’s not. In fact, The Thing is far more Lovecraftian in feel than anything in ‘Mouth’.

I’m never certain what I think of him as a director, but I’ll give him credit for doing some projects that few others would have done.

He doesn’t exactly have a tremendous track record,

Ben, you’re way too harsh. Plus you forgot The Fog and Starman.

No one was doing movies like Carpenter. He had a distinct tone and style that guys like me absolutely loved in high school and college. And he made really cool characters – or at least what passed for really cool characters back when we were kids. He was like the D&D geek (okay, actually the Aftermath or Gamma World geek) who managed to get together a film crew, plus a really cool guy named Kurt Russell who seemed to be having one hell of a time.

Plus he did his own awesome soundtracks on a keyboard, which is the same way we would have done them. Here, check out these three notes. Now put them together and make them moody. Awesome, it’s a soundtrack!

I agree he’s an odd choice for VU to roll out to pimp their game, but give the guy his due.


I’ve never seen a John Carpenter film I didn’t like. Some of them may have been lower budget or had some bad elements, but they always have entertaining characters, great casting and often contain things that make you think, if only for a little bit.

And I’d put the Thing at the top of any list of horror movies. It’s tense, has strong action sequences and the people are just phenomenal.