F.E.A.R. single player demo (maybe)

I’ve got a P4 1.7, 512 Megs of RAM and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and it both looked ran and spiffy on medium-high settings. Granted, I’ve alway gamed on systems that were fairly behind the curve, so my tolerance for performance is greater than most people’s is. But it seemed perfectly smooth other than some occasional pauses entering a new area. Monolith’s games have always run well on systems that were below the recommended specs for me, and this is no different.

Anyway, I dug the demo. It’s certainly up to Monolith’s standards, which I would consider quite high. I did notice some rough edges, such as a soldier gibbing when I shot him with a pistol and a proximity mine that decided to just start floating up and up and up and up. They’ve still got time to polish most of that stuff out though.

Anyone figure out how to do slide-kicks? I could only do a standing or running jump-kick.


Ah. I didn’t think to try jump and crouch at the same time. Interesting.

Well, it’s more like jump then quickly crouch+melee afterwards. I don’t think i’ve tried mashing them all at the same time :roll:

As far as being a resource hog, how does this demo compare to say Doom 3 or Half Life2?

It’s a little more of a resource hog than Doom 3 or HL2. But it’s also more high-tech…there’s a lot going on in the engine.

Overall, I like it a lot.

I have to complain about the lighting, though. The lighting TECHNOLOGY is great. It’s like Doom 3, but with less blocky environments and characters and higher texture resolution, which is good. But everything is just too dark. Yes, I played with the gamma setting and so on. I can appreciate that they’re going for the “dark and spooky” thing, and I’m fine with that, but when it gets to the “I can’t see what I’m shooting at” level of darkness it’s too much. Even with the flashlight, the darkness was opressive.

I hope Monolith lightens it up a bit. Just crank up the luminance on all the lights in the level about 20%. The really dark corners will stay that way, the spooky real-time lights from moving hanging lights and stuff will still do their thing, but I won’t feel so damn blind.

I agree that it seems a little dark. The flashlight also seems like it could use a little more oomph. I thought it was pretty cool, although the “spooky” walk down that corridor and back was a little lame.

It must be a specific setting that turns the game from being the smoothest current generation game I’ve played to a bigger system hog than Doom 3, cause I know the game runs a lot better for me than Riddick, Doom 3 or even HL2 do.

Someday, fps design is going to leave the “flashlights have twenty seconds of battery power” thing behind as an embarassing relic, and they’ll be better for it.

Otherwise, pretty cool. Nice looking, at least the parts you could see.

In FEAR, one of the biggest culprits can be Soft Shadows. And barring that, depending on your video card, the volumetric lighting thing.

For the record, sliding kick does not involve jumping. Press your forward key (such as W) + crouch (such as C) + melee key (such as right-click).

The leaping kick is forward + jump + melee.

Funny, I tried that and it didn’t work. The jump crouch thing did work though.

In FEAR, one of the biggest culprits can be Soft Shadows. And barring that, depending on your video card, the volumetric lighting thing.

I have both of those on max. I toyed around a little and it seemed like putting textures on max hurt quite a bit without giving a significant improvement in visual quality. FSAA and 16X anisotropic filtering hurt my performance a ton though. Much more than in most other games. I don’t know if it was one of those that did it or both, but I decided to leave them both off. So everything but textures, FSAA and texture filtering I have cranked on max and the game runs fine, which is more than I can say for Doom 3 or Riddick.

Well, either way works apparently. I’ve been using the jump+crouch+melee method since the MP beta.

Like you guys said, pretty short demo, but a lot of kickass stuff was jammed into it. I was fiddling around with the system settings too. I had all the details up at max, but the resolution at 1024X768. It ran quite nicely but I would like to up the resolution and maybe bring down some of those unneeded graphic improvements.

As for the game, its exactly how I pictured it working and I’m pretty damn excited about it now. Keep in mind, I scare easy… so every appearance by that girl scared the crap out of me.

Damn, looks like I’m going to have to get a new video card. Radeon 9800 wasn’t cutting it anymore.

In FEAR, one of the biggest culprits can be Soft Shadows. And barring that, depending on your video card, the volumetric lighting thing.[/quote]

I’ll try turning those two settings down. My system played Doom3 and HL2 just fine, but for some reason it’s chugging on this. I really don’t want to upgrade for a few more months. :oops:


Just finished playing the demo. Awesome would be the correct word to describe it.

This is what the gameplay should have been like for Doom 3. Standup intense firefights with scary stuff every once in a while. Of course the demo was very short.

It ran well on my system at default autodetect settings.

My system is a:
Pentium 4 3.0ghz
Intel 875 mobo chipset
Geforce 6800 GT 256mb
1024mb ram

I did turn the view bob setting down to about half, at the default it was a bit much.

Dude, if it didn’t run well on that you’d have to sue someone.

I want to know how well it will run on a ti 4600