I know I’m setting myself up for abuse with this one…but man, this footage is just jaw dropping. Given the pedigree of the developer (Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2), it’s not surprising that the game looks this good and runs this fast, but man…I’m ready to have Nagoshi’s kids after seeing F-Zero GC in motion. Amusement Vision has quickly established themselves as one of the absolute top developers inside Sega…

Holy Fuck!


Looks like it’ll be the best F-Zero game since the SNES game. I didn’t much care for the N64 counterpart.

The GBA F-Zero wasn’t too bad. It was definitely less monotonous and easy as the N64 version, although the music wasn’t nearly as good and the controls were a bit more floaty.

The GC one is looking damn good, but then again, so did Quantum Redshift (which was made by the original Wipeout devs). Color me nervous but hopeful.

If speed equated to quality, Ballistics would have been a great game. What’s so innovative about this iteration of F-Zero?

I really really like Quantum Redshift. Unfortunately I have no basis for comparison; I’ve never played any version of F-Zero for more than a half hour or any version of Wipeout at all.

It’s people like you who make it possible for GameSpot to give Tony Hawk 3 a perfect 10 review score.

I just bought Tony Hawk 4, and you know what? This one goes to 11.

Do what now? Can you elaborate a bit, I don’t quite follow what you’re saying.

Eg, any game is the Best. Game. Ever. if it is the first one you’ve played.

I hope they stick with the techno in the soundtrack. The only other genre that’s really going to make sense for a game like this is hard rock/metal and SEGA tends to end up using horrible 80’s-style guitar noodling when they try to do rock.

Also, wow.

I played Extreme G, does that count? :)

But seriously, apart from it being best in genre on the grounds of no competition (still talking about in my experience obviously), that doesn’t mean my judgement that it’s a really fun game is worthless.

If speed equated to quality, Ballistics would have been a great game. What’s so innovative about this iteration of F-Zero?

If you haven’t played the arcade laydown cabinet for Ballistics, you simply haven’t played the game. Incredible.

F-Zero is a racing game, what kind of innovation are you looking for? The tracks look positively insane with lots of perspective changes and all kinds of vertical and horizontal shifts and the speed is ridiculously fast in those movies. Plus is looks pretty hot.

I like innovation as much as the next guy, and since the developer is at Sega instead of Nintendo, I expect there’ll be some new things added to the series, but even these movies are enough to get me excited. I love racing games and there hasn’t been a great futuristic one since Dethkarz and Deathtrack Racing. Wipeout Fusion is pretty good though.

Having not seen the game in motion before, I can honestly say I wasn’t that excited. Now that I’ve seen it moving, it’s near the top of my list for 2003. That and Zelda…