F2P It is time I told you about Dungeon Fighter Online

So, Everquest II is not as good as Everquest I, and it’s free to play, but not really. DDO is sort of free to play, but not as every class, and not unless you are fine only being able to do one quest.

In walks Dungeon Fighter Online. It is a side-scrolling, action rpg. It is free to play. The only things that you pay for are the right to set up an item shop, a fancy appearance, and some crap nobody wants. The item shop ability is obsolete now that there is an auction house, and the fancy clothing you can just buy off other players with the in game currency you get from monsters and quests.

So if you like Golden Axe, or Guardian Heroes, or things that are good, and you also like levelling your characters and pumping skills, then you will like this game.

There are fiveish main classes; Slayers, Mages, Priests, Gunners, Female Gunners, and Fighters. There are four subclasses for each main class, except Priest, who only has three. The subclasses are all really different from each other.

This is not the kind of standard lame F2P where it takes forever to level and you only have one skill. Each subclass has about twenty skills, some passive, some not, which you can level in order to determine your build. You can level multiple times per day until roughly level 35.

There’s PVP, it is totally optional.

The only catch is that you have 156 fatigue points per day, and each dungeon room you enter consumes 1 fatigue point. You can’t just play all day every day on the same character. At low levels it will take three hours to burn up all your fatigue, at higher levels it probably takes about five.

Go fuck yourself, Everquest.

This game keeps popping up on my Radar but I always forget about it for one reason or another. I think I shall give this a try tonight.

oh flower is playing DFO too!!!

I recommend this game a few times in other thread, it’s quick and simply to play, reminds of me old beat em up back in the old days.

Fighter and Gunner are easiest to start off with, I particularly enjoy Fighter since you can do some insane combos even with early game skills, upper cut > 3 attacks > forward kick > 3 attacks > bounce enemies off the edge of the screen -> end with a suplex.

Will try it sometime.

Yeah, this game is great. I should probably hop in again, it’s been a little while.

I have; 25 Crusader, 24 Summoner, 39 Striker, 42 Asura.

Gunner is the easiest to start, Fighter classes get a lot harder later because they don’t have the option to put some distance between the enemy and themselves. I had the most fun with slayer because they can fight up close and also have a lot of knockdown moves.

I think my highest is a Nen Master, not on the US servers though, I got about 35.

You didn’t even include a link!

It’s Nexon US, so unless you’ve got a US VPN you can use or a proxy they haven’t blocked you won’t be able to play it. They IP block other regions.

Assuming you’re still in the UK, that is.

So this game looks like it would work pretty well using the 360 controller si or no?

kinda, depend if you like to remember street fighter moves for your character.

I prefer hitting a key to activate my skill instead perform half circle forward and hitting a key.

This game installs Gameguard on your PC. That may or may not be a big deal to you, but you should know about it before you install it.

Well, fuck.

I read about all the awesome, then read some more about the tiny yet debilitating not-awesome. Bah.

I’m sure there’s a great reason they block non-US connections. What is it?

Licensing issues are one possible explanation. Other problems might be language-based (i.e. simultaneous EU release is preferable for language reasons) or that they want to pump as much out of the down-the-line EU releases as possible using the US ones as hype.

I’m going with licensing personally.

Or a failure to develop timely global e-commerce solutions cough.

Tried this last night, surprisingly entertaining. It was a bit of a slog until I realized that your basic attack doesn’t consume mana. Still, mana kinda gets et up rather quickly. On the other hand, the basic attack does have variations - combos - so it’s not all waiting on your MP to refill.

I’m still confused how some skill are Z and down/right/up but ALSO mapped to an action key. I think my fingers aren’t nimble enough for using Z X C *and A S D F G for very fast combat yet, but it’s going to be fun learning. Just hit the level (5, I think?) where you get a ton of new moves to try out.

Got a gunner and a slayer for the moment, I’ll probably try everything out. I take it there’s grouping and the instances ramp up when you do so?

There is grouping, and the instances work as follows; you beat a dungeon zone on normal to unlock Expert, you get at least a B Grade on Expert to unlock Master, and you get an S rating on Master to unlock the King’s Road difficulty level. Some of the quests require groups, some require that you be solo, some require you get a certain grade, and some epic quests require you beat a dungeon multiple times or find a rare enemy.

The Tower of Illusion scales in difficulty based on how many members your group has.

Yeah, I posted a thread way back when I was in the NA beta. Flowers, are you using a controller or your keyboard? Did they include native controller support if using the former? I had to use xpadder. I couldn’t really get into the game with a keyboard, but mapping to a gamepad I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t get nearly as high as you Flowers. I think I hit a priest in the high teens.

It’s definitely one the first free to play games that really piqued my interest and I enjoyed while I played it. It helped that the beta had an increased drop rate much of the time, which made it feel like a side scrolling diablo.

Yeah, pad support would be great.

Hmm. Slightly off-topic, but is there anything like this for the DS? Side-scrolling beat’em up with classes and tons of ugprades? A kind of action-based Etrian Odyssey seems like a great fit …