F9, it's not just a key on your keyboard anymore

Vin Diesel is is not looking intimidating. Sort of crabby or pouty looking, and he seems more like a soft body than a hard body.

F9: they’re all Infinity Stones.

No rock or statham?

I feel like I just watched the whole movie.


Han is back? C’mon!

No they’re doing their own thing now, which I likely will enjoy more. Apparently there was a lot of bad blood between Diesel and Johnson.

I was really disappointed in the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff movie. I love the main F&F movies though.

Regarding your spoiler: That means it has to be a prequel right? Or maybe flashbacks?

Nope, because Charlize Theron seems to be in this one too.

A movie series where sports cars are airdropped to conduct tank heists isn’t exactly a series really concerned with things like death being permanent.

I’m going to keep avoiding trailers, but I just found out Justin Lin is back to direct this one! Yaaaay!

Absolutely and ridiculously stupid - and I’m all here for it.

Fucking magnets, how do they work?
Because I’m pretty sure it’s not like that.

I’ve looked at the shot–right at the beginning of the trailer–several times now, and it’s triggering my vfx senses. Did they run a beautify/de-age pass?


That’s how they redeem Shaw. He didn’t actually kill Han all along!

It’s not even the first action CG movie to do the same thing.

And lookin like a soccer dad.

The 20 year anniversary of F&F is in June. They’re all soccer dads and moms now.

Too busy making War 2.