Fable 2 a definite


Xbox.com:What about existing franchises—will we see those on the next-generation Xbox?

Kim: That’s probably the most-asked question I get right now! The short answer is yes. Without giving away all the surprises we have in store, gamers that love franchises like Halo, Fable, and Project Gotham Racing can safely assume we will continue to invest in them as we move into the next generation.

Yay? Seriously, yay? Like who gives a damn, it sucked.

I could go into a long spiel about why it sucks but you all know why :P .

I don’t think it sucked. It was reasonably fun to play. Its scope was far, far smaller than intended and it was obvious that they just couldn’t pull off what they were trying to pull off. But it kind of was a much faster offline World of Warcraft, and that’s pretty neat.

I don’t think they can ever really pull off what they intended, but if they can make the game 5-6 times bigger, it’d be a blast.

I really loved it, but the games length was severely disappointing.

I loved it too. And it got good reviews. Ass.

It was Play Magazine’s overall GOTY for 2004. It can’t be all bad.


Fable 2 was a definite the minute it was announced that Fable had sold 400k its first week.

I really liked the game despite the issues. The problem was that it needed an even longer dev cycle and to be on something bigger than the Xbox. It had way way too much loading, poor framerate and was too short. What it made me want was Fable in the next gen. It had the framework of a lot of great stuff, it just wasn’t fully realized. And of course, it was far too overhyped. It didn’t live up to that level at all.

Christ, would you rather have another lame Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance clone? At the very least it took the genre into some new and interesting directions. Bring on Fable 2.

The only real problem I had with Fable was that it was much too easy. Just a hard mode or something, even if it was an unlockable, would have been perfect.

Being easy and being too short is what got to me. However, I really enjoyed this game, and I’m happy to see some more firm feedback that we’ll see a sequel.

And for the most part, I’d be happy with a pretty straight-foward sequel with more difficulties, more variation, and just more overall game.

Count me in as a Fable fan. Yeah, it was easy, but I played through it twice and enjoyed every minute. I’m even considering getting the PC version just to play the extra content – although I’ll probably talk myself out of that.

Totally agree. Otherwise I really enjoyed it. I even didn’t mind that it wasn’t so big. I was actually iind of nice to be able to finish it off in a couple of weeks. I didn’t have a chance to get bored.

Though I wouldn’t mind the sequel to be a bit bigger.

Can I play Bigby Wolf in this one?

Dibs on Jack!