Fable: Lost Chapters PC question

Cathcart was telling me that apparently the mage and ranged skills were hard to play on the original XBox version due to aiming and targeting issues.

Any idea whether this got fixed up for the PC version? I got this yesterday and I’m trying to decide whether to risk playing as a mage.

Hard to play as a good guy, rather.

I played as a mage and had no problem on the PC version.

Since the game is so short, it won’t take long to try another route eithr way. ;) I don’t remember targeting problems but I did get annoyed with the way you change active spells, so I spent a lot of time using the same pair of spells, which was a bit dull.

I had the same problem in Dungeon Siege 1.

I’ve never played Fable but really need to. Can anyone comment as to which control scheme makes for the best game? Specifically, should I get the PC version or the XBox version to have the most, um, enjoyment.

(Note: I realise this is a subjective question)

Chris Woods

Both seemed pretty competent to me. I played it on xbox primarily because it 1) was there first and 2) I could play it on my big tv lying down on my couch with my wireless controller. So, now that 1 does not apply, just ask yourself what you’d rather sit in front of for 12-20 hours absent all other variables. Many would say PC, but I sure wouldn’t.

Yeah, both are good. And you can probably pick up Lost Chapters for Xbox for about 20 bucks new.