Fable - Playground Games Xbox and Richard Ayoade

I hate the trend of making a sequel game, claiming it’s a reboot, and then dropping the numeral.

It’s Fable 4. Do we have to start calling the original Fable Fable (2004) now? Why are they ashamed of that 4?

Same with Doom.

Or with Xbox, come to think of it.

The marketing teams are perfectly capable of releasing extended examples of (carefully curated and scripted) gameplay, this just isn’t it. Ubisoft for example released a few of those.

Because it’s been 13 years since Fable III was released. So a big chunk of your potential market didn’t play the earlier games, and you don’t want them to think they need to go back and play those first before buying this one.

At least, that’s the common marketing thinking. Feels like Witcher 3 disproved that, though.

I finished both Fable 2 (loved) and 3 (liked). I’ve started Fable three or four times on three different platforms and never got past the first hour or two. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot. I have Fable Anniversary on Steam – weird that it’s not on Game Pass.

At least TW3 more or less continued the story of Geralt from TW2 and the story of the setting, so the number made sense, in case of Fable it will be I guess a totally new story, and it’s up to see how faithful is the setting, or if they are reimagining it.

As a fan of divine divinity, I nominate fabled fable.

I recognize the king’s voice. Who is that?
Is it Jonathon Ross?

I think it’s Matt King, who I mainly know as Super Hans from Peep Show but has been in lots of things.


Yes! That was my second thought. Awesome!


It took me a minute to place the voice, but yeah, Super Hans is in this.

Man, that new trailer makes me feel like this is exactly in the right hands. Playground know they are making a game in the same franchise as one of the best games of all time, and it feels like they’re up to the challenge.

I mean, the cast of voices on its own makes me want to buy the game!