Fables: by Telltale


I don’t have a lot more here. Start speculation!

Fables is a comic book series, isn’t it?

Edit: Yeah, its DC comics about “What if all the fables you heard as a kid, were real and living right here in New York”.


Yes. This was announced a while back, namely last year’s E3. They haven’t said a whole lot about it since. I don’t even know if it’s going to be a traditional point-and-click adventure or more of a Walking Dead-style choose-your-own adventure

I vote for the latter, personally. WD is incredible, and the Fables brand is excellent.

Thing is, the CYO style is obviously suited to TWD in a way I’m not sure it is for Fables. Not to say it couldn’t work, but TWD (the comic) is very much about making tough choices and living with them. Whereas Fables isn’t, really. I’m not sure point-and-click would work any better, but I can more easily see a Fables story being shoe-horned into that format.

I think Ginger is right. Fables has all sorts of magical changes. The comic gets a lot of mileage from surprising the reader with reveals of how a particular fable character is different in “real life” as opposed to what we all know from the tales. This goes for the way magic works (or doesn’t) in our world.

Still, I’ll be curious to see how Telltale handles this.

Telletale announced five games February 2011. Fables and Kings Quest are the only two we haven’t seen.

This now has a name as well!

“The Wolf Among Us”

Recently released. Had some hope this game would be somewhat like TWD in terms of storytelling and character development and Telltale Games delivered. Most of the flaws of TWD are still present but also all the stuff that made TWD great.

Mechanically it’s similar to TWD, but I find the story and characters more engaging. I also prefer the darker visual style.

Yay! Gonna give this a spin on Sunday.

— Alan

Good characters, good story. I do feel like (so far) it has less impactful morality questions than TWD (that setting is so perfect for morality problems). It’s also very short. I wish I had the willpower to wait until all the episodes are available before I play, I know I would enjoy it so much more. But Im a weak man.

I completed the first episode and it’s good BUT it’s too easy, it basically plays itself and it’s far too short, as Kael said, waiting for all the episodes is probably the smart thing here. I did that with TWD and I think it made a huge difference.

I completed the first episode and it’s good BUT it’s too easy, i

These games aren’t supposed to be difficult. You just make choices (which may themselves be difficult).

TWD had stuff like repairing the train, where you had to do a lot of different tasks to get it going, that’s fleshing out the adventure part for me. Here you basically trip over highlighted stuff, you have to be a skilled mouse clicker not to have the game play itself. Dragon’s Lair with cheats enabled.

Finished episode two and it skipped my choice percentages and went straight to credits=(

Same. I got a page which was titled “player choices”, but the only thing that was displayed was an image link to the forums. I hope this doesn’t portend another round of save corruption problems.

Folks with the 360 version still aren’t getting to play even though they have season passes. Over on the TT forums, folks are seriously pissed! This has not been TT’s finest hour…

I’m unfortunately affected by that bug. As expected, it looks like it’s Microsoft’s fault; ever since they switched from spacebucks to cash, their storefront has been a complete mess, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they’d screw up season passes too.

So I just started the second chapter of Wolf Among Us and as an avid Fables fan, God do I love this game but holy hell is this the worst performing game I’ve ever played! Playing on the PS3 is like playing going back in time 3 generations. I literally listened to almost the entire opening recap of the first chapter while watching a blank screen because the buffering was so far behind. How has TT not optimized this engine by now? This game is basically slowly moving art panels and voiceover, not exactly the most taxing of game engines. Okay rant over but if I didn’t love the story, setting, and characters so much here’s no way I’d put up with staring at a loading screen every 5 minutes.