Fables: by Telltale

The performance is pretty bad on 360 as well, but not quite as bad as what you describe for the PS3 version. I’m not complaining too much, though, since I got the full season for $10, and that was money I couldn’t spend elsewhere anyway (money already on my LIVE account from the currency conversion).

Also, I read through the first eleven Fables TPBs and 1001 Nights of Snowfall last week after playing through WAU EP2. I need more.

The PC version works fine. The second episode’s pretty short but good stuff, imho.

Yeah I love the TP’s, they lost their way a little bit IMHO around number 13/14 (I’m currently on 17) but I hear it’s starting to turn around.

I doubt it’s ever going to be as good as that first long arc again, but,yeah, after the distinct post-Adversary lull, it’s definitely picked up again in the last year or so.

I’ve been a fan of the comics since the I got caught up on the first trade, and now I’m caught up to issue 141 or so. As such, I was quite excited to get into The Wolf Among Us and I’m glad I did, and extra glad I waited for all five episodes to be out, too. I played through it all in just a few days, and had a blast doing so - the Book of Fables unlocks were really fun, the story was engaging and exciting (those fight scenes were a lot of fun, and I normally really, really hate QTEs) and the voice work was excellent (though I wish Bigby would have been cast by someone with a deeper voice, the work itself was great). Outstanding, with a great ending and a fun couple of twists in there, for sure.

I picked up the game mainly because it was on sale, and I’ve enjoyed pretty much all the Telltale games I’ve played so far, so I rolled the dice. In my case, I had knowledge of the comics and little interest in the “fairy tales for real” angle but was quickly drawn in by the noir-ish angle of the story. And I also played each episode as it was released, and I do think my experience suffered because of it. Mainly, there were aspects of each episode that I did not retain and therefore did not get the full payoff the end of last episode was giving me - there was a very Usual Suspects kind of wrap-up in the final scene, and it went right over my head. Oh well, still feel like I got my money’s worth out of it.

Yeah I really wanted to to wait for them to all be out before I started playing… but my willpower couldn’t hold out.

With zero prior experience with the comic, I played the first episode and liked it, though not nearly as much as TWD. For whatever reason, I kinda stalled out and didn’t go back once the other episodes were released. Now that it’s all done, guess I should boot it up and give it another go.

Just started playing this, the first episode has me hooked. :D

And so episode 2, man what a story so far. I really like how they are writing Bigby, you can sort of play a total no fracks given style or go by the book as legit sheriff of sorts. I am already thinking of a replay where I just go loose cannon every chance I get.

Oh yeah, I loved this one - I think I liked it better than Walking Dead actually. I was half way through season 2 of TWD when I stopped to play this and I have yet to have a desire to go back to TWD (though I probably should). I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Damn was episode 3 intense and totally ended in a way I didn’t expect. My one complaint so far is that my xbox 360 controller doesn’t work for this game on PC. And much Q button mashing is killing my pointer finger.

Also the music for this game is just fantastic, that song from the beginning of the game and at the end credits is just so good. SONG

Finished up the last 2 episodes tonight, what a ending! I didn’t chase after her. Overall I really liked the series and I am glad a 2nd season is coming eventually. :)

I played through as mostly a good sheriff, but am planning a 2nd run at it being a total dick. Oh and there is something awesome about smoking in a cartoon style video game.